Ardha Shathabdham Telugu Movie Review

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Synopsis :

Ardha Shatadbham is an action drama focusing on crucial elements underlying the society. Even after achieving the freedom of independence, community and caste violence is still prevailing. Questioning such odds is Ardha Shatadbham.  Will young and innocent love ever escape the clutches of the society’s unbreakable norms and archaic idealogies?

Movie Details:

Movie: Ardha Shathabdham
Cast and Crew: Karthik Rathnam, Navin Chandra, Sai Kumar, Krishna Priya, Subhaleka Sudhakar.
Writer, Director: Rawindra pulle
Producers: Chitti Kiran Ramoju, Telu Radha Krishna
Cinematographer: Ashker, Venkat R Shakamuri, EJ Venu
Music composer: Nawfal Raja AIS
Editor : J Pratap Kumar
Art director: Sumit Patel

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“Ardha Shathabdham” Telugu Movie Review:


Set in the early 2000s in the town of Sircilla, Ardha Shathabdham follows the life of Krishna (Karthik Ratnam) who has been in love with Pushpa (Krishna Priya) since forever.  His attempts to confess to her about his feelings inadvertently sparks caste based violence with everyone in the entire town at each other’s neck.  What will Krishna do to stop this? Will Pushpa accept his love? Forms the rest of the story.


Karthik Ratnam gave a peak into the potential he holds as an actor with Joseph in ℅ Kancharapalem (2018.)  Karthik as Krishna, a lovestruck young man, but not having the courage to confess gave a splendid performance.  Krishna Priya as the strong and daddy’s little girl Pushpa, was sublime.  Naveen Chandra as Ranjith, a helpless cop confined by the bars of his job, brought back his gruff side.  Sai Kumar as Ramanna, a man with ideal principles and a doting father, Subhalekha Sudhakar as the disillusioned and cynical politician shine in their roles.  Rest of the supporting cast were all authentic in their portrayals.


Caste based violence and oppression, honour killings, communal conflicts are an everyday reality in some parts of our country.  The movie questions what we have achieved in over half a century of freedom.  It makes you question, “How far did we come? What changed in all these years?”  This movie made use of the Butterfly effect to showcase how the least expected things can lead to dangerous consequences.  Ardha Shathabdham is intense and gritty at times.  The concept is the hero of this movie.  Merisaley sung by Shankar Mahadevan and Ye Kannulu Choodani sung by Sid Sriram were beautiful.

Verdict :

While the movie had an excellent concept in place and a terrific cast, the execution suffers from short sightedness and spends a significant screen time building the base of the movie.  Nonetheless, Ardha Shathabdham shines with realistic performances and depicts the actuality some people of this country still adhere to, and have no plans changing it anytime soon.  If intense and dramatic movies are your jam, Ardha Shathabdham is a decent watch for the weekend.


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