A1 Express Telugu Movie Review

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Sundeep Kishan will be seen next in the sports drama, A1 Express, co starring Lavanya Tripathi.  Directed by Dennis Jeevan, the film is said to be one of the first Tollywood films to be based on hockey.  The makers of A1 Express, said the last twenty minutes of the movie would have a thrilling sequence which is bound to leave the audience in amazement.  A1 Express also features Murali Sharma, Rao Ramesh, Posani Krishna Murali, Priyadarshi Pulikonda, Abhijeeth Poondla, Raghu Babu, Sriranjini and Satya will be seen in pivotal roles.

Movie Name – A1 Express (Telugu)

A1 Express Crew: Sundeep Kishan, Lavanya Tripathi
Producers: T. G. Vishwa Prasad, Abhishek Agarwal, Sundeep Kishan, Daya Pannem
Co-Producer: Vivek Kuchibhotla
Director : Dennis Jeevan Kanukolanu
Music: Hiphop Tamizha

Sundeep Kishan(Sanju) is a former team India Under 21(U21) player, who puts his career at risk after the demise of his close friend.  He later gets himself involved in a feud pertaining to the illegal acquisition of the iconic Chitti Babu Stadium, in Yanam.  In the process, he meets Lavanya Tripathi (Lavanya Rao) and falls for her.  How Sanju and the head coach battle against the illegal acquisition of the stadium forms the rest of the plot?

The first half of the film takes its own sweet time to set up the love story between Sanju and Lavanya, which involves a lot of stalking and eventual mutual attraction.  However, the story shines after the interval, whenever it focuses on the sport and the corruption that surrounds it.

Sundeep Kishan, as an aspirational hockey player Sanju, reignited the recognition of our national game.  Sundeep flawlessly aced the skin of a sports person with his fit body and mannerism.  The physical development Sundeep went through for the role of a hockey player is quite visible and it is truly inspiring.  Along with all that, his sizzling chemistry with Lavanya Tripathi is another star point of the film.

Lavanya Tripathi, as Lavanya Rao, plays the role of a hockey player.  Lavanya in the role of a sportswoman manages to steal the show with her easy fieldwork and hockey stick skills.  She adds oomph to the movie with her dance steps and aura.

The supporting cast also led to the success of A1 Express.  Rao Ramesh played the role of a sports minister, who tries to lease out the Chitti Babu Stadium.  Rao Ramesh’s character sarcastically remarks that the majority of people in the country naively believe that Shah Rukh Khan is the coach of the Indian hockey team.  He is obviously referring to the 2007 Hindi sports film Chak De! India.  Murli Sharma essays the role of hockey coach, who tries to keep his team afloat amid corruption.  Rahul Ramakrishna and Priyadarshi play brief but important roles, to which they do full justice. 

Director Dennis Jeevan, although being a newcomer, managed to grab the attention of the audience with the talented cast, unique concept and uncompromising plot.  A1 Express is a partial remake of the Tamil sports drama Natpe Thunai, which starred music composer Hiphop Thamizha Adhi in the lead role.  Interestingly, the celebrated artist has also scored the music for A1 Express and songs like Single Kingulam and Amigo are the biggest reasons for the success of the film.

Though hockey is India’s National game, the sport is not much appreciated so a movie about hockey in Telugu is definitely one of its kind.  A1 Express is receiving a lot of good reviews from the audience and critics.  A1 Express is a perfect entertainer with some catchy songs, romantic angles and melodrama, so go witness the action this week in your nearby theatres!


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