Vidudhala Part 1 Telugu Movie Review: A Rustic Socio-Political Drama

Vidudhala Part 1 Telugu Movie Review: A Rustic Socio-Political Drama

Vidudhala Part 1 Telugu Movie Synopsis:

Vidudhala Part 1 is the Telugu version of the Tamil film Viduthalai Part 1. The film is directed by the well known Tamil director Vetrimaaran. Vetrimaaran is the director who portrays emotions and action in a raw manner with core drama. Vidudhala Part 1 is a period crime thriller that deals with the police’s inhumane practices towards the people in the forest area to catch the separatist group leader. The film is an adaptation of the short story Thunaivan, written by Jeyamohan. The film features Soori and Vijay Sethupathi in the main roles. The film also stars Gautham Vasudev Menon, Rajiv Menon, Ilavarasu, and Bhavani Sre in important roles.

Vetrimaaran is already a well-known director in the Tamil film industry, where he has worked on films like Vada Chennai and Asuran. This shows how raw and rustic his approach is to his filmmaking. This film is produced by Elred Kumar under the RS Infotainment banner. Music Maestro Ilaiyaraaja is the music composer for the film. This film was released in Telugu by Geetha Arts today. Peter Hein and Stun Siva are the stunt choreographers for this film.

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Vidudhala Part 1 Telugu Movie Review:

The story is set in a forest area, with Soori joining the police force as a constable. He works for the police, who are working on Operation Ghost Hunt, in which their main motto is to catch hold of Vijay Sethupathi, who is the leader of the separatist group, the People’s Army. The ideology of the character Soori is different from the rest of the police in this film. Vijay Sethupathi fights against the system, which misuses its power to dominate people of low class. The film also has a love story between Soori and Bhavani Sre, which will also be affected by all the chaos.

The film shows the other side of the system in a very rough manner. The fight between the police and separatists is clearly shown with a side view of a true policeman fighting against the system within. The camera work and storytelling of Vidudhala Part 1 are notably impressive. The film has action sequences that seem very realistic. Some scenes might be just disturbing to watch, but they will make the audience think.


Vijay Sethupathi in this film is the leader of a separatist group, the People’s Army (Praja Dalam). His role in this film is an extended cameo. He believes that the police support the wealthy and dominate the lower classes in the forest. He fights against the system, which discriminates against women and weaker people. He, as usual, gave his best performance in a furious role, even though he does not have a full fledged role in the film.

Soori, no doubt, has to be the highlight of the whole film. His acting in a serious role was worth noting as one of the best performances. He is a well known actor who plays comic roles. But now he has given himself a new identity with his acting skills in an intense action role.

The other supporting cast members, including Gautham Vasudev Menon and Bhavani Sre, have prominent roles with scope for these characters, who had many layers to their emotions, actions, and fury.


Vetrimaaran narrated this raw story in the best possible way, with scenes that are to be remembered. The action scenes seem to be realistic. The train crash scene is one of the best in the whole film. The effort he has put behind every role is visible on screen. Also, this might be till now his rawest film which dealt with sensitive topics.

Cinematographer Velraj is to be appreciated, as his camera work was exceptional. The way he captured the background in the forest and other locations will just transport you to the film world. This film has some of the best camera work, which is to be enjoyed on screen.

Music Maestro Ilaiyaraaja has given some of the best melodies for this film, between Soori and Bhavani Sre. Also, the background score has to be one of the most thrilling ones, which has kept the audience engaged throughout the story.

End Note:

The film is a social message that will question society and also let the common people see the other side of the system. This Vetrimaaran’s thriller is a must watch.

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