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Jindaa Movie Synopsis:

Jindaa Kannada Full Movie, exclusively on Kannada Filmnagar. Jindaa Kannada movie featuring  Mussanje Mahesh, Meghana Raj, Devaraj & Others. Music composed by Sridhar V Sambhram, Directed by Mussanje Mahesh, Produced by Dattatreya Bachegowda & Banudatta under the banner Datta Films.

Six youngsters from the Jindaa gang, which indulge in a robbery in their small town. When one of them passes on his boards finally and gets into college, he sees the love and a new life. This peeves his friends who feel they aren’t his priority anymore. Meanwhile, a tough cop is out to crack the whip on this gang. What happens is the crux of the story.

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Movie Details – Jindaa

Director :

Starring : Arun,Devaraj,Pramila Joshai,Meghana Raj

Music : Shridhar Sambhram

Producer : Dattaraya Bachegowda

Genres : Drama

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