Nani Completes 14 Years In Tollywood: Jersey, Shyam Singha Roy, Dasara, And Others – Movies That Prove Nani Is Beyond Being A Natural Actor.

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Nani, the natural actor of Tollywood, has completed 14 years of his acting career in the Telugu film industry. From making his debut with Ashta Chamma in 2008 to making his first pan-Indian movie, Dasara, today, Nani has put in a lot of effort to get the stardom he has today. We all know that Nani has the star tag “Natural Star” attached to his name. The Telugu audience gave that star tag for the natural performances the actor gave in all his movies. But there are a few instances which prove that Nani is worth more than the applause and stardom, and he is beyond just being a natural actor. Here is a list of five films that show support for our discussion.

Nani Movies And Performances – Discussion:


Nani took a very hard step in his career while everything was going smoothly with back-to-back commercial hits. He left his comfort zone of the boy next door image and played a unique role in the thriller Gentleman. Nani sticks very strongly to his character and excels as an actor just as per his character traits. He maintained the suspense in the film just through his expressions and performance. Nani generally doesn’t play these kinds of roles, but in Gentleman, he pulled it off with ease.

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Jersey is undoubtedly Nani’s career best performance. Nani makes the character Arjun very relatable to us and touches the core of our emotions deep in the heart very strongly. We can really feel the character’s love and pain on screen, and we can’t get that off our minds even after the film is finished. Nani had put in a lot of effort for the film to turn out as a professional cricketer. It is more as a human than a cricketer, Nani gets connected to us strongly.


Nani plays a negative role for the first time in his career in the film V and completely justifies it. Nani is terrific in the negative shade. He is the true soul and heart of the film. Such an unbelievable performance is given by Nani in V. We can find some unique swag in Nani’s screen presence in the film. When it comes to the dialogue delivery, Nani’s command is top notch. Nani’s negative avatar is what made the film special in his career.

Shyam Singha Roy:

Nani outperforms his previous career best performance from the film Jersey, with Shyam Singha Roy. Nani played such a revolutionary character for the first time. His attitude and body language for the character are just exceptional. This is the perfect example for us to show and discuss that Nani is not just a natural star, but he is beyond that. He is an actor with intensity, he is an actor with command, he is an actor with commitment, and what not. He is an honest actor.


Dasara is Nani’s upcoming movie, which is going to be released on March 30th, 2023. This is the first time in Nani’s career that he is exploring a new version of himself. Nani was seen in the film’s trailer sporting raw, rustic, and rugged looks, as well as a mass avatar. Nani will be seen in a different look with a different body language and dialect. Nani is totally on a different dimension and mission for Dasara. Since we all admire his work, let us hope that Nani does many more unique and out of the box roles in the near future.

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