Thammudu Telugu Movie Special Review

Thammudu Telugu Movie Special Review

Thammudu Movie Synopsis:

Thammudu is a trendsetting movie based on kickboxing, made in Telugu in the year 1999. The film stars Pawan Kalyan as the lead actor in the role of a kickboxing champion. The director, Arun Prasad, made the film as a package of sports, love, and emotions. The film was a huge hit at the box office and also became a trend among the youth to learn boxing, following their favourite actor, Pawan Kalyan. Thammudu paved the path for many sports movies in Telugu. The film is re-released in theatres today as a part of Powerstar Pawan Kalyan’s birthday celebrations. Let us look back at the highlights of the film and dicsuss about the film in detail.

Thammudu Movie Special Review:

Arun Prasad, the director of the film, sets up the tone of the film right at the very beginning by introducing the boxing sport and the rivalry between the main characters. This actually gives the audience where the film is going to lead in the next 2 hours.

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Pawan Kalyan as Subhash is introduced in a most unique way. Instead of relying on presenting the heroism, the director chose to show off his hero by projecting his mischievous character. Pawan Kalyan was seen attending his exams using slips, and this scene produced a lot of laughs. All the other actors in the roles of Pawan Kalyan’s friends are also good, particularly Ali, who stands out among them.

Preeti Jhangiani looks very cute in the film in the role of Janu, Subhash’s best friend.

Ramana Gogula’s music is the best asset of the film. We know how the songs add weight to the film. Thammudu movie songs introduced some western music to the Telugu audience and it became a huge trend. Made in Andhra, the first single from the film, is the best sample of that. Ramana Gogula himself sang the song. Chandrabose penned the lyrics very modernly so that they connect with the youth. Pawan Kalyan’s style and dance moves in this particular song are the huge trend of those times.

Achyuth’s character as Chakri is designed in such a way that it is quite a contrast to that of Pawan Kalyan’s While Subhash is very naughty, energetic, mass, and mischievous, Chakri is totally simple and decent.

Revealing the results of the examinations in the classroom is one of the best comedy scenes even today. This is a very clean comedy with no other sense. Credits to the writing.

The first boxing match in the film, between Achyuth and Bhupinder Singh, aka Rohit, in the film, is pictured very well. All the other matches are also a great treat to watch.

Aditi Govitrikar, the second heroine of the film, looks very modern, sticks to her character, and she is super hot.

Janu’s one-sided affection for Subbu is well established. Pedavi Datani song, which is a part of this journey, is very soothing. The visuals for this song are the special attraction. The vocals of Ramana Gogula and Sunitha are very mesmerising.

The phone conversation between Subbu and Lovely in the film is the next best highlight in comedy scenes. Pawan Kalyan’s comic timing and performance in this conversation is truly exceptional.

Yedola Vundi is another master song in the film. Ramana Gogula once again played with the fusion of local and global music.

Vayyari Bhama is the massiest song of the entire album. Pawan’s style and dance moves are totally crazy. This song is a pure treat for Powerstar fans.

The downfall of Pawan Kalyan’s character is very well written in the film. His character degradation by his father and Janu’s father are the best examples of this.

Subbu’s taking up his brother’s dream of becoming a kickboxing champion as his own dream is the perfect justification for the motive and title of the film.

Travelling Soldier song is the best inspirational song to date. Pawan Kalyan’s training in the song is truly original, and Pawan Kalyan is exceptional in them. Credit to his enormous efforts. What a true inspiration this man is as an actor.

Pawan Kalyan’s energy and attitude in the final boxing match are so great. Subbu’s handling of the championship cup to his brother and dedicating the victory to him is the perfect ending to the film.

Thammudu is the best ever sports action film in the history of Telugu cinema. Pawan Kalyan’s performance, energy, and on-screen attitude are what made the film special for ages. Ramana Gogula’s music is the special package of the film from the technical side. Years pass by, but this masterpiece stays in our hearts forever.

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