The Ghost – Tamahagane: New Action Glimpse Out From Akkineni Nagarjuna’ Upcoming Movie

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The Ghost is Nagarjuna Akkineni’s forthcoming action movie. The audience has been waiting a very long time to see Nagarjuna in a great action role. In the movie The Ghost, Nagarjuna portrayed an interpol agent. Nagarjuna’s character’s name is Vikram. The Ghost was directed by Praveen Sattaru, who previously collaborated with senior actor Rajasekhar in the blockbuster PSV Garuda Vega. The young director, who has great standards for the movie, told the media and the public that he would present Nagarjuna in The Ghost in his best-ever action role. The Ghost – Killing Machine, a teaser for Nagarjuna’s character and appearance, was already released by the film’s makers. Recently, the film’s creators have released The Ghost – Tamahagane, another action video from the movie.

The Ghost – Tamahagane focuses on the action of the lead character Vikram, played by Akkineni Ngarjuna. The video depicts Nagarjuna forging a weapon to defeat the opponents. Tamahagane means priceless steel. Tamahagane is the katana of choice for The Ghost, the director Praveen Sattaru states in the video. The brief video clip appears to provide the ideal setup for the movie’s action scenes. Highlights of this action peek are the video editing and the background music. This sneak peek makes it clear that Nagarjuna’s upcoming action movie The Ghost will be a massive hit.

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The Ghost – Thamahagane Promo:

Praveen Sattaru is the writer and director of The Ghost. The movie was jointly produced by Northstar Entertainment and SVC LLP. Sonal Chauhan has a significant part to play in the movie. The music was composed by Mark K Robin. Mukesh G is the cinematographer and Dharmendra Kakarala is the editor. The trailer for The Ghost will be released on August 25th.

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