Vikrant Rona Telugu Movie Review

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Vikrant Rona Movie Synopsis:

Vikrant Rona is one of the big budget movies from Kannada Cinema in recent times. Besides being banked on a high budget, the film also belongs to an experimental and unique genre, that is fantasy adventure action, which we don’t see often in Indian Cinema. The film stars Sudeep, the man of experiments and executions, in the titular role. The film was initially planned to be made on a budget of 20 crores, but it was slowly increased to 100 crores to match the scale and depth of the film. Moreover, the film also got a special feature added to its name and that is the 3D release. The film was released today in multiple languages across India, with Cosmos Entertainment and KFC Films releasing it in the Telugu states. Vikrant Rona is leaving the audience in awe and is being loved by all the viewers, giving them a unique experience. Let us go into more details and highlights of the film and review it in detail.

Vikrant Rona Movie Details:

Writer – Anup Bhandari

Telugu FIlmnagar

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Director – Anup Bhandari

Producers – Jack Manjunath And Shalini Manjunath

Production Company – Shalini Artss

Cast – Kichcha Sudeep, Nirup Bhandari, Neetha Ashok And Jacqueline Fernandez

Music Director – B Ajaneesh Loknath

Vikrant Rona Telugu Movie Review:


The story of Vikrant Rona takes place in the town of Kamarottu, which is known for ghost worship and child killings. According to the belief of the people there, Brahma Rakshasa is the reason behind all the evil things that are happening in the town. Vikrant Rona (Kichcha Sudeep) and Sanju (Nirup Bhandari) come to the town at the same time. Why did Vikrant Rona come to the town? Is he related to these murders? If so, how does he solve the mystery behind the murders? What is the true mystery behind the murders? All these questions get answered as the film progresses and the mystery unfolds.

On-Screen Performances:

Sudeep is fantastic as a police officer in the film. His screen presence and appearance are fantastic. Sudeep’s performance in the action scenes is his best highlight. Sudeep swagger is the sole driving force behind the film.

Nirup Bhandari, who played Sanjeev Gambhira, also justified his role.

Off-Screen Highlights:

Anup Bhandari’s direction appears to be very good. More than his directing abilities, his writing dominates the majority of the film. The best part of Anup’s narration is the way he builds suspense throughout the film. The writing is very engaging and provides the audience with a lot of drama. The plot of the film is very strong, and Anup’s execution falls into line. The film moves slowly in the first half as it reveals all the elements of the setup, but as the story progresses into the second half, it becomes more intense, and the climax is the best visual experience in recent times.

The film’s visuals are excellent, and most of the scenes leave the audience speechless. This is an amazing technical presentation. The visuals in the film are simply breathtaking. The film’s cinematographer, William David, deserves credit.

Ajaneesh Loknath is Vikrant Rona‘s off-screen hero. He received full marks for his intense and engaging background score. On the commercial front, the Ra Ra Rakkamma song will be a special package for the film.

The art and VFX departments deserve special mention for enhancing Vikrant Rona‘s world.


With Sudeep in the driver’s seat, Vikrant Rona is a visual masterpiece from Sandalwood. This fantasy adventure action film offers a comprehensive package with a compelling plot and a one-of-a-kind visual experience. The technical brilliance and execution of director Anup Bhandari and his team, including William and Ajaneesh, will mesmerise the audience. Vikrant Rona will be a special journey into a unique world that we haven’t seen in a long time, making it an indispensable film.

Vikrant Rona Telugu Trailer:

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