Ramarao On Duty Movie Pre Review

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Ramarao On Duty Movie Synopsis:

Ramarao On Duty, the upcoming film of Mass Maharaja Ravi Teja, is set to be released tomorrow, July 29th. According to the film’s creators during the promotion, the film will be a perfect mass action entertainer. The theatrical trailer and the film’s release trailer both demonstrated this. In promoting the film, the lead actor, Ravi Teja, and the director, Sarath Mandava, relied heavily on the action elements. They emphasised the action elements on several occasions in order to increase the film’s mass appeal among the audience prior to its release. Several other aspects will be discussed in this article as the film is going to be released tomorrow.

Ramarao On Duty Movie Pre Review:

Ramarao On Duty Highlights To Be Watched Out For:

The story concept of Ramarao On Duty appears to be very interesting, with some good content. For the first time, Ravi Teja played an MRO officer, which was an interesting move by the film’s creator, Sarath Mandava. Ravi Teja’s appearance in formal attire is particularly appealing. In delivering strong content in the film, the director did not overlook any commercial elements. Sarath Mandava’s dialogues are also very powerful, particularly Ravi Teja’s one-liners in both trailers.

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Ramarao On Duty – Ravi Teja’s Views On The Film:

Ravi Teja is extremely optimistic about the success of Ramarao On DutyThis is because he loved Sarath’s clarity and choices in writing the story. Ravi Teja also enjoyed Sarath’s narration. 
The hero’s characterisation is the most important aspect of Sarath’s narration that Ravi Teja admired. 
For the first time in his career, Ravi Teja relished the role of an MRO officer.

Ramarao On Duty Censor Certification:

The censor board certified Ramarao On Duty as U/A. The film’s creators compare U/A to “Ultimate Action”.

Ramarao On Duty Movie Ticket Prices:

Ramarao On Duty‘s producers made the film available to Telugu audiences at low ticket prices. Ticket prices have been significantly reduced to reflect the current public situation. Telangana has set ticket prices for single screens at Rs 150 and multiplexes at Rs 195. In Andhra Pradesh, single-screen and multiplex tickets cost Rs 147 and Rs 177, respectively. GST is included in the prices.

Ramarao On Duty Movie Details:

Sarath Mandava wrote and directed Ramarao On Duty. The film was produced by SLV Cinemas in collaboration with RT Team Works. The lead actresses in the film are Divyansha Kaushik and Rajisha Vijayan. Venu Thottempudi was a key figure. In the film, Anveshi Jain performed a special number. The music was written by Sam CS. The cinematographer is Sathyam Sooryan, and the editor is Praveen KL. The film’s action sequences were written by Peter Hein and Stunt Shiva. Ramarao On Duty will be released in theatres tomorrow, July 29th.

Ramarao On Duty Movie Trailer:

More About Ramarao On Duty:

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