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Ladki: Dragon Girl is the most mentioned movie title in the news in the last few days. The film has such a buzz around it. This is just because an Indian film was made in collaboration with a Chinese production for the first time in the history of Indian cinema and it is also being released on the highest number of screens in China. This is a rare and unimaginable achievement for any Indian director. And the one man behind this vision is Ram Gopal Varma, aka RGV. RGV’s Ladki, titled Ammayi in Telugu, is the first Indian martial arts film in the history of Indian cinema. Pooja Bhalekar, the lead actress in the film, had put in an enormous effort for more than 6 years to live up to RGV’s dream project. The film’s trailer demonstrates that RGV made one of the best action films in recent times in India. The film was released today, and the word of mouth stays the same. RGV delivered the best tribute to Bruce Lee, the master of martial arts, with the film, Ladki. Here is the detailed review of RGV’s dream film, Ladki.

Cast And Crew:

Title – Ladki: Dragon Girl

Telugu FIlmnagar

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Release Date – July 15

Cast – Pooja Bhalekar, Parth Suri, Abhimanyu Singh, Rajpal Yadav, and Others

Writer And Director – Ram Gopal Varma

Producer – Jing Liu, Naresh, Sridhar, and Ravi Shankar

Production Banner – Artsee Media and Parijatha Movie Creations

Music Director – Ravi Shankar

Ladki Movie Review:


Pooja, a young lady martial artist, has been obsessed with Bruce Lee since her adolescence and has even taught herself his style of Jeet Kune Do. Later, she shifts to the city of Vizag and joins a dragon school to learn martial arts at full excellence. A local gangster in the city illegally occupies the dragon school. Pooja takes a stand for the school, along with the other schoolmates, and fights against the gang.

On-Screen Performances:

As RGV said at the pre-release event of the film, without Pooja, Ladki would never have been made. His words are absolutely true. Pooja Bhalekar gave everything for this film. She can be truly seen as a desi lady version of the great Bruce Lee. Be it her fitness, her body language or her martial arts moves, Pooja completely nailed it throughout the film. Her stunts are really worth watching. Another great addition to the film from Pooja’s side is her intense expressions. One can find the real intensity of a fighter in every action scene in the film. There is no exaggeration in saying that Pooja excelled in the film not only in fighting but also in acting.

Abhimanyu Singh, who played the antagonist once again in this RGV film, justified the role with his fierce nature and womaniser character.

Vamsi played the role of Kaali, a subordinate to the villain. He is a special attraction to the gang of evil men. He is absolutely fierce, both in looks and performance.

Parth Suri, the love interest of Pooja in the film, is suited and accepted for his role. Rajpal Yadav and another Chinese friend of Pooja with the name Chung are fine in their roles.

Off-Screen Highlights:

The film opens with RGV quoting a statement by Bruce Lee. “No limit should be your limit”. RGV did the same for his film too. He shattered all the limitations, and the result is what we are witnessing today. An Indian movie getting released on 40,000 screens in China is an unimaginable achievement. So firstly, congratulations to RGV for this rare feat. Ladki is completely based on the observation and presentation of Bruce Lee by RGV in his very own style.

The opening image of the film showing the statue of Bruce Lee and the title card song set up the perfect mood for a martial arts film. It can be seen very clearly from the film’s story that RGV is back into some serious storytelling for Ladki. Making a martial arts film was RGV’s dream project, and he brought great shape and life to his dream. The love track between Pooja and Neel, the emotional back story of Pooja, the fighting spirit of a woman, the aspirations of a lady and other story elements perfectly worked out for RGV.

The most important ideology of RGV to be noted in the film is his strong and independent presentation of a woman, shattering society’s ideology of a woman being a weaker sex. RGV added the element of martial arts and the spirit of Bruce Lee to such a woman in the film. Introducing Jeet Kune Do on Indian screens was a great move by RGV and the entire credit goes to him for that. RGV also invented something special for the film, called the Bruce Lee Kiss.

The visuals by Joshi and Rammy are great, particularly in capturing the action scenes.

A special mention goes to the action scenes in the film. Wing Chun composed them greatly. It is also known from the title cards that a few action scenes were composed by RGV and Pooja Bhalekar. The restaurant fight, the theatre fight, the fight in China, and the climax fight are the best in action scenes.


Ladki is the true presentation of Bruce Lee’s ideology and philosophy in RGV’s style, but with the face of a woman. The film is not only a tribute to Bruce Lee, but also to every woman who has her own aspirations and goes to any extent for them. The film ends with a statement from Bruce Lee: “Victory many times comes at a great personal loss”. Likewise, “Ladki came at a great vision of RGV and his long waiting to express his obsession for Bruce Lee.

Ladki Telugu Movie Trailer:

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