I Prefer Action Thriller Movies On Any Day: Rahul Vijay, In An Exclusive Interview With Telugu Filmnagar

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Rahul Vijay who has created a lot of buzz after the success of his recent web series Kudi Yedamaithe on Aha OTT platform, speaks about his new projects, and his professional and personal life in a candid interview with Telugu FilmNagar. 

Q: Your new movie Panchatantra has been making quite the buzz, do you want to share anything about your role and the movie?

A: Panchatantra is a mythology of 5 different stories, and I am doing one of the stories in it casting opposite Subhamika. My role in the movie would be as an IT person, named Subhash. The character is in his late 20s and is pressured to get married, but he gets confused as the pressure keeps increasing as he struggles to find the right person to get married to. The genre of this movie is a romantic drama, I would preferably say. The movie has an exciting cast such as Brahmanandam Garu, Uttej Garu, Color Swathi Garu, and Divya, to name a few. I am excited to be a part of this movie and I am sure it would be a great watch for everyone.

Q: You have previously done a series on OTT and your present movie will be released on OTT too, do you prefer OTT over theatrical releases?

A: Well. My previous work Kudi Yedamaithe was an OTT release on Aha, which did exceptionally well and my next, Panchatantra, is going to be an OTT release too. But if you would ask me personally, I would say I completely prefer a theatrical release. My main goal is to see my hard work on a large screen for sure, but I would value the content more too. I would not mind still going for an OTT release if the content is really good, that is why I had chosen Kudi Yedamaithe too.

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Q: You did mass communication and journalism, and from that how did you choose on being an actor? How did the opportunity land you?

A: Basically, after 12th, I wanted to jump into the field of acting, but my mom insisted on completing my degree first before getting into acting. Well, I would have wanted to choose some other field but why this specifically was because it deals with a space of media and movies, etc and Journalism is something I had admired. Acting has been my only passion since 8th grade and mass communication was just added as a bridge to reach my dream. How it landed to me was, we had produced my first movie, Ee Maya Peremito and after that Suryakantham happened. Before my debut movie, I had given my auditions for Suryakantham and later got the role in the movie after my first movie, and that’s how my journey started.

Q: What is your favorite genre in movies? Which one would you prefer to work on more?

A: My most admired genre is action, at any point in time more precisely, I would choose action thriller any day not once but every time the opportunity lands I would choose it for sure, hahaha.
As of now, I haven’t done any complete power-packed action movies to date, but maybe in a year or so I am looking forward to working on this genre.

Q: You dance and also act. If given the opportunity would you dance and groom there or would you only do movies?

A: I would prefer to act and have a sequence of dances in a movie, hahaha. I really wouldn’t prefer breaking them both. I want both of them to be there in any movie.

Q: What is one thing you can never forget to do even in the busiest time?

A: The one thing I can never forget to do would be, call my mom. I would never skip a time when I don’t call her or ask her what she is up to. So, I think checking up on her every day is one thing I will never think of not doing however hectic my schedule is.

Q: Tell us one funny moment which you could think of from the sets of your movies?

A: A moment that crosses my mind right now would be, while we were shooting for Kudi Yedamaithe, our director wanted my hairdresser, Mahesh, to be a part of a particular scene in the series, well Mahesh being from Telangana and the whole script was written in Andhra. So, the trouble he was facing while he was putting the act and practicing were hilarious. Literally after a few takes, he handed over the paper and said he couldn’t do this. We laughed throughout and I think I will never forget this moment.

Q: If not an actor or a dancer, what would be the one thing you know you can do as your profession?

A: If not an actor or a dancer, I would love to open a restaurant maybe. I’m a really big foodie. I love to cook, eat and just enjoy. So, I would either open a restaurant or be a chef I guess. 

– Written By Shami Belde

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