Jayamma Panchayathi Movie Review

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Suma is making her comeback to the big screen after more than a decade as an actress, under the direction of the debutant Vijay Kumar.  The film is titled Jayamma Panchayathi.  Suma carried her craze in the public from the small screen to the big screen.  The response to the trailer, songs, and the other promos of Jayamma Panchayathi is the proof sample for Suma’s reception in the Telugu audience.  The film is released on 6th May, despite the competition from Vishwak and Sree Vishnu’s movies.  The audiences are receiving the film in the same way, just like the trailer.  Jayamma Panchayathi is getting some good responses from the public.  Here are the positives and highlights to be noted in the film which impressed the Telugu audience.

Cast And Crew:

Title – Jayamma Panchayathi

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Release Date – 6th May 2022

Genre – Drama, Comedy

Cast – Suma Kanakala, Devi Prasad, Shalini, Dinesh Kumar, and Others

Director – Vijay Kumar Kalivarapu

Producer – Balaga Prakash

Production Company – Vennela Creations

Music Director – MM Keeravani

Cinematographer – Anush Kumar

Editor – Ravi Teja Girijala

Production Designer – Dhanu Andhluri

“Jayamma Panchayathi” Telugu Movie Review:


Jayamma (Suma), who is a resident of Srikakulam, leads a happy life with her husband and kids.  Jayamma’s husband (Devi Prasad) gets ill suddenly and Jayamma is in need of money for his treatment.  Jayamma goes to Village Panchayathi to get her problem solved, but the Panchayathi members are busy solving some other issue.  How this issue is related to Jayamma and how the Panchayathi solves Jayamma’s problem is the rest of the story.

On-Screen Performances:

Suma’s character in the film is totally calm and composed, which is quite opposite of her regular outings as an anchor in the events and interviews.  Suma is surely successful in portraying the character of Jayamma.  The audience could only feel the presence of Jayamma on the screen, rather than Suma.  Such involvement was given to the character by Suma.  This is for sure a strong comeback for Suma to the big screen.  Also, Suma perfectly matched the character by looks.  Suma also succeeded in delivering the language and dialect of the region of Srikakulam.  On a single note, Suma is the show stealer with her natural and effortless performance.

Devi Prasad justified his character as Jayamma’s husband and delivered a decent performance.

Off-Screen Highlights:

Firstly, the film’s village setup is very attractive.  Credits to the art director Dhanu and the director Vijay Kumar for executing this perfectly.  Then, the director Vijay needs all the rest of the appreciation.  Even though being a debutant, the director handled the story perfectly.  The story and conflict are simple, but it is the execution in which the director showed his strength.  The story is relatable to most of us, as we see the same in our villages too.  Vijay has very mature writing.  The cast issues and the honor issues we usually find in the villages are also perfectly blended with the main storyline.  The placement and execution of the comedy scenes and rural emotions worked out so perfectly.  The first half slowly establishes all the characters and then highlights the character Jayamma.  The first half is also filled with many laughs.  The second half of the film shifts towards the emotions and deals with the plot of the story.

Anush Kumar’s cinematography is too good.  He gave rich and quality visuals, despite the film being made on a minimal budget.  He made use of the village set up perfectly and brought the natural ambiance to the screen through his camera work.

MM Keeravani made his mark genuinely for the honest story.  His background score added soul to the film.  Jayamma Panchayathi is another musical magic from the legendary Keeravani.


Jayamma Panchayathi is a perfect village drama from a fresh and creative team.  The film will surely take the audience back to their village roots.  With Suma making an impressive and natural performance, the audience will love Jayamma for sure.  Also, the director Vijay Kumar gives a little overall look at village issues, supported by Keeravani’s music.  The audience will love Jayamma, the same way they loved Suma all these years.


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