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Radhe Shyam, the most awaited periodic romantic drama is setting new records and high standards with every element of the film.  Credits to the makers UV Creations for investing all the efforts and money to bring such an elegant shape to the brilliant imagination of the director Radha Krishna.  Also there exist endless efforts from the technical team of the film to set the high standards today at International level.  Let us look into the technical team of Radhe Shyam who worked so hard behind the screen to present the film with an exquisite look on screen.


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Technical Team Of Radhe Shyam:

Radha Krishna Kumar – Writer And Director:

Radha Krishna, the creator of Radhe Shyam needs to be credited firstly for bringing out the best execution for his brilliant imagination.  The writing itself adds strength to the film.  The theme of War between Love and Destiny has a universal appeal.  Also handling such a huge project with international standards just as the second film in his career is a big challenge and Radha Krishna executed it at his best.

Vamsi And Pramod – Producers:

After getting a huge success with their last two films with Prabhas, Mirchi and Saaho, the producers of UV Creations came forward to mount Radhe Shyam on a large scale.  But prior to that, investing in the director’s dream and making it true with a perfect execution and without stepping back despite any hurdles like COVID is a gutsy step and the producers Vamsi and Pramod need to be applauded for that.

Krishnam Raju – Presenter:

Krishnam Raju is presenting Radhe Shyam under the banner of Gopi Krishna Movies Private Limited.  This is happening after a long gap.  The last film under his presentation was Billa.

Justin Prabhakaran – Music Composer (Songs):

Music is the soul of any film.  Justin Prabhakaran added such a soul to Radhe Shyam with his songs.  Every song that was released from the film was a huge hit on YouTube.  He gave some soulful melodies to the love story of Radhe Shyam.

Thaman S – Music Composer (Background Score):

One common name in all the recent blockbusters is Thaman.  He composed the background score for the film.  Thaman getting on board is an amazing addition to the film.  The director himself said that Thaman is the only person to find the hidden spirit in the film next to him.  Thaman lifted those spirits to the next level.

Manoj Paramahamsa – Cinematographer:

Set in the 1970s of Europe, it is hard for a cinematographer to bring that look and beauty to the film, particularly a love story.  But if you can watch the trailers of Radhe Shyam, you can feel your presence in the romantic world of Vikramaditya and Prerana.  Such an ambience was created on screen and the visuals speak that all.  Make a bow to Manoj Paramahamsa for giving the Telugu audience some exceptional visuals with your lens.

Raveendar – Production Designer:

As we talked earlier about the set up of Radhe Shyam, the makers revealed in the making video that Europe was shifted to India to recreate the world of Radhe Shyam here.  This is purely the brilliance of the production designer Raveendar.  Every interior location represents a world of elegance.  Adding some shape to an idea of the diretor can be visually seen in the art work of Radhe Shyam.

Kotagiri Venkateswara Rao – Editor:

The makers of Radhe Shyam brought out the excitement in the audience about the climax part of the film.  But editing such a sequence is just exceptional skill.  And who can handle that better than the most experienced in the field, Kotagiri Venkateswara Rao.  Kudos to his work.

Kamalakannan – Visual Effects Supervisor:

After Baahubali and Saaho, Kamalakannan is working for Prabhas’s film again.  A Pan-Indian film always needs a Pan-Indian technician like Kamalakannan to give the film the best it needs.  The trailers of Radhe Shyam speak volumes of visual effects in the film and the credit goes to the visual effects supervisor Kamalakannan.

Nick Powell – Action Coordinator:

The climax of Radhe Shyam has become the talk of Tollywood today.  It is known that there are no fights in the film.  But the director promised that the audience will be thrilled with the action sequence of the film in the last 30 minutes towards the climax.  He also said that his imagination of the climax could not have a better execution than what the action coordinator Nick Powell brought to the film.  Nick Powell worked on the action sequences for more than a year and every effort of his work has paid off today.

Resul Pookutty – Sound Designer:

Resul Pookutty, the winner of National Award, Academy Award and BAFTA Award for his works, handled the sound department for Radhe Shyam.  As the director said that the climax involves scenes of a ship sinking in a Tsunami, such types of natural scenes need special attention with sound.  The audience will surely get a treat with Resul’s work.

Thota Vijay Bhaskar And Eka Lakhani – Costume Designers:

Costumes are one department that need to be handled with care in periodic films.  And Radhe Shyam being set in Europe, it is a tough task for the costume designers.  Thota Vijay Bhaskar and Eka Lakhani gave their best and the results can be seen in Prabhas’s stylish and Pooja’s gorgeous looks.

Kabilan Chelliah – Publicity Designer:

The posters are the first attention to any film.  Radhe Shyam got a great attention from the audience on social media right from the beginning with good looking posters.  Kabilan Chelliah gave some great designs for the film.

Whacked Out Media – Digital Partner:

Whacked Out Media is doing great work in promoting the film on various platforms including YouTube, Instagram, Facebook and many others.


Radhe Shyam Making Video:


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