Sebastian PC 524 Telugu Movie Review

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Young sensation Kiran Abbavaram has all eyes on a hat-trick with Sebastian PC 524.  The film shows the signs of a good crime thriller with a few comedies as shown in the teaser and the trailer.  Kiran is confident of another sure shot blockbuster.  Despite the competition with other big films at the box office, let us look whether Sebastian PC 524 satisfied the audience or not.



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Cast And Crew:

Title – Sebastian PC 524

Release Date – 4th March, 2022

Cast – Kiran Abbavaram, Nuveksha, Komalee Prasad, Rohini, Srikanth Iyenger and Others

Director – Balaji Sayyapureddy

Producers – Siddareddy, Raju and Pramod

Production Company – Jovitha Cinemas

Presenter – Elite Entertainments

Music – Ghibran

Cinematographer – Raj K Nalli

Editor – Viplav Nyshadam

Sebastian PC 524 Review:


Sebastian (Kiran Abbavaram) has night blindness.  Despite his disorder, he becomes a police constable to fulfil his parents’ dream.  He manages his duty without getting caught with his disorder, yet he fails a lot many times.  Unfortunately, Sebastian needs to do a night shift when a murder happens and due to his disorder, he lets the murderers escape without leaving any evidence behind.  Sebastian loses his job because of this incident.  He feels guilty for not bringing justice to a girl’s murder because of his disorder.  How Sebastian solves the murder mystery individually with his diorder and how he finds the murderers frames the rest of the story.

On Screen Performances:

Firstly, Kiran Abbavaram’s looks are good in the film.  He perfectly fits the low grade cop role.  His performance in the scenes of hiding his night blindness is brilliant with his comedy timing.  Kiran also balances his performance with some serious action in the second half of the film.  On a single note, Kiran is the sole driver of the film.  Komalee Prasad is very impressive and she carries the entire plot of the story.  Nuveksha does not get a great role but she is good enough with her screen presence.  Rohini and Srikanth Iyengar portray their roles perfectly.

Off Screen Highlights:

The major technical asset of the film is Raj’s cinematography.  The low lighting effects and the night shots are so well executed.  These add strength to the story’s theme.  The director’s idea of interlinking the murder mystery with hero’s disorder of night blindness has set up a perfect conflict in the film.  Credits to the idea and the writing.  The film is mostly shot in natural locations.  That is one of the best parts of the film.  Production values are good.  Ghibran’s background score is a perfect match to the murder mystery.


Sebastian PC 524 offers the audience a decent crime thriller with brilliant performance from Kiran Abbavaram.  Being the sole driver of the film, Kiran carries the entire murder mystery on his shoulders managing the screenplay of the engaging crime scenes with great visuals shot in natural locations.  The film is a good weekend watch going with the trend of crime thrillers currently.


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