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Most successful director and actor duos will be mostly from Tollywood in Indian Cinema.  A director who gets a blockbuster with an actor would most likely do another film with him.  The same happens with the actors too.  The actors also would like to give dates again to the director who is successful with them already.  This tradition turned out to be exciting and resulted in many successful combos in Tollywood.

Few among those successful combos made hat-trick films and they were successful.  Let us look into the director and actor combos and their hat-trick films

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Boyapati Srinu – Balakrishna

Boyapati Srinu is one of the most promising directors of Tollywood.  If anyone knows the perfect way to present Balakrishna on screen, that is Boyapati.  He knows the pulse of the audience well, what do they expect from Balakrishna’s film and how to satisfy them with all the commercial elements.  Boyapati started his journey with Balakrishna with the film Simha in the year 2010.  The film was the first project for the director and the actor duo.  Simha became the highest grosser of Tollywood in that year.  Balakrishna was awarded as the best actor for the film by Nandi awards.  After a gap of 2 years, Boyapati joined with Balakrishna again for the film Legend in the year 2014.  Legend was a blockbuster film then and added many records to its name.  The film ran 100 days in 31 centres, 200 days in 2 centres and 365 days in 2 centres.  And of all, the film had a rare feat to its name.  It ran 1000 days in Proddutur of Kadapa district.  Boyapati joined hands with Balakrishna again after 7 years in 2021.  This time, Boyapati presented Balakrishna in a most surprising, exciting and powerful role of Aghora in the film Akhanda.  The film made Balayya fans and Telugu audiences across the world go crazy.  The film collected 150 crores at the Box office and gave enough kickstart to Tollywood after the second wave of COVID.  Boyapati said that there can be a sequel to Akhanda shortly.  If that happens, the duo of Boyapati and Balayya would show their rampage again.

Sukumar – Arya

Sukumar started his career as a director with his debut film Arya starring Allu Arjun.  While Arya gave Sukumar a grand launch into Tollywood, Allu Arjun got huge craze and became a star with the film.  The film was a commercial success.  Also Allu Arjun got a huge fan base created for him in Kerala with the release of the film there.  Keeping up the standards of Arya, Sukumar made another film with the same characters and title, but with a different story.  Arya 2 was also successful.  The film was even dubbed and remade into several languages.  Later Sukumar and Allu Arjun became busy with their films, but they were friends for years.  After a gap of 12 years, Sukumar and Allu Arjun were on board together for the film Pushpa: The Rise.  Pushpa created a huge trend in the year 2021 with its release.  Sukumar’s intelligence and Allu Arjun’s intensity got a huge applause.  The film became the highest grosser of 2021 with a  huge collection of 365 crores.  Allu Arjun gave his career’s best performance and it is a sure shot that the actor would receive all the awards for 2021.  The audience are eagerly waiting for the second part, that is Pushpa: The Rule.

Gopichand Malineni – Ravi Teja

Director Gopichand Malineni started his career with Ravi Teja.  His debut film is Don Seenu.  The film was a huge hit at the box office and it ran for 100 days in few centres.  Gopichand made another film with Ravi Teja again.  The film was titled Balupu.  The film stole the hearts of the Telugu audience with the mass and humour from Ravi Teja’s character in the film.  The film was also successful commercially.  Krack was the third film in the combo of Gopichand and Ravi Teja.  The film was the kickstart for Tollywood in 2021 after the first wave of COVID.  The film collected 70 crores at the box office even in such a situation.  Ravi Teja was presented as a very intense police officer in the film by Gopichand.


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