Ravanasura Offers Me A Crucial Role And Satisfies Me As An Actor, Says Sushanth

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Besides doing films as a lead actor, Sushanth also started doing crucial roles in other films too.  After getting success with his film Chi La Sow in 2018, Sushanth accepted an important role in the film Ala Vaikunthapurramuloo in 2020.  Then he was back to his films as a lead actor and did Ichuta Vahanamulu Niluparadu in 2021.  Now, he again accepted another crucial role in the film Ravanasura starring Ravi Teja as the lead actor.  Speaking to the press recently, he shared about his character in Ravanasura and his views on Bollywood.

The makers of the film Ravanasura approached Sushanth for a significant role in the film.  The role would be a surprise package for the audience.  Even Sushanth was surprised when he was approached.  “The script is very unique and interesting.  I was surprised when I heard the narration.  My character is very crucial and it would be narrative-driven.  The director Sudheer Varma made few changes in the role after I was on board for the character.  I would look ultra stylish in the character look.  I am looking forward to sharing the screen with Ravi Teja sir,” said Sushanth.

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Also, Sushanth spoke about the film Ala Vaikunthapurramuloo that the film opened gates for him to try different roles in the industry.  Sushanth got few opportunities from Bollywood too after AVPL.  He was approached for two films and a web series.  He has not made the decision yet.  The discussions are going on and he would like to make a perfect debut in Bollywood.

Currently, Sushanth is shooting for Ravanasura.  The film is directed by Sudheer Varma and produced by Abhishek Nama.  The film’s shoot was started very recently and the makers are planning to release the film in September 2022.


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