Characters We Love Forever Ft. Cable Raju, Gona Ganna Reddy, Pushpa Raj

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Welcome back to this special article dealing with the heart of all the stories, Characters.

Telugu Film Nagar brings back all the beloved characters of Tollywood to your notice once again.  This is a special edition discussing the characters we love forever.

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As the edition began with our beloved darling Prabhas, let us continue this with our Icon star Allu Arjun.

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Allu Arjun Characters We Love Forever Ft. Cable Raju, Gona Ganna Reddy, Pushpa Raj

Though coming from a mega background, Allu Arjun always strived and worked very hard to give the best performance on screen.  Be it a physical transformation, be it mental stability, be it his style and dance, and many more, he always worked on every single aspect to polish his skills and present them before the Telugu audience.  All his hard work in the last 18 years is paid off today and we can see the results with his film Pushpa: The Rise now at the national level.

Here are some characters from his film journey which redefined his skills and got stuck in the hearts of the audience.

Arya (Arya)

Just a year after his debut with the film Gangotri, Allu Arjun had got an opportunity to play the role of Arya in his second film Arya.  Allu Arjun was perfectly fit into the collars of a happy and free-spirited college student.  He pulled off the character with so much of ease even at such a young age and with minimal experience.  The character Arya had a huge impact on the youth.  His philosophy of one-sided love worked out perfectly.  Arya has two shades in his character, one as an entertaining student and friend, and the other as an emotional and deeply loving innocent guy.  Feel my love moments are still classic today.

Cable Raju (Vedam)

If you want to learn something about money and life from the films, go watch the film Vedam and travel with the character Cable Raju.  Cable Raju is one of the most influencing and impactful characters of Telugu cinema.  One can see the purity in the transformation of the character from the beginning to the end.  Credit and applause to the creator of the character, Krish Jagarlamudi.  The necessity of the human for money is perfectly portrayed in the character of Cable Raju.  The lives of low-class people, their needs, their wants, their love, and their struggles were all brought on a single plane and penned as Cable Raju.

Gona Ganna Reddy (Rudramadevi)

The versatility hidden in Allu Arjun was exposed to Telugu audiences with the film Rudramadevi.  Gona Ganna Reddy is one of the most lovable characters in Telugu cinema featuring historical stories.  Allu Arjun transformed himself into a true warrior for the film.  The attitude of Gona Ganna Reddy was very powerful.  His strength, skills, helping the needy, and standing alongside the poor were great qualities.  Horse riding skills were also a special attraction.  Allu Arjun’s slang and dialect for the character Gona Ganna Reddy were loved very much by the audience.  Even today, many of his fans hope and expect Allu Arjun to perform the character of Gona Ganna Reddy in a full-length film.

Duvvada Jagannadham Sasthri (DJ)

Besides playing the roles of a lover boy and commercial characters, Allu Arjun landed in a new avatar of an innocent and crazy purohit for his film DJ.  Playing the character of Duvvada Jagannadham Sasthri was a challenge to Allu Arjun.  Because the body language, the dialect, and the looks were not regular he needs to put in some extra effort.  Allu Arjun did the same and the result was in a high range.  The film was also spread to Bollywood on digital platforms and the character has got craze.  The one-line philosophy of the character revealed at the end of the film about doing good to people without revealing their identity is a great lesson to today’s generation.

Pushpa Raj (Pushpa: The Rise)

Speaking about Pushpa Raj is a bit difficult for us.  Because, the visual experience is a treat to watch, instead of knowing about it in a few lines.  Starting from the physical transformation and look to the body language and the speaking language, every aspect of the character Pushpa Raj was perfectly justified to the extreme levels by Allu Arjun in the film Pushpa: The Rise.  One can see the real swag and attitude of a hard-working person in the film.  Allu Arjun has set a new trend of accepting such raw and rustic roles.  Pushpa Raj has got a massive response across India.  His style, dialogues, and dance moves are celebrated by many celebrities in multiple languages.  It is a proud moment for every Telugu audience and the filmmakers to see India celebrating and respecting a character like Pushpa Raj from Telugu cinema.

These are the few best characters played by Allu Arjun.  All these characters are lovable to us forever.  What among these characters are your favorite?  Mention below in the comment section.  And also mention which hero’s characters are you waiting for to come in the next article.

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