Ravanasura Pooja Ceremony Scheduled For Pongal

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Ravi Teja was the first actor to open the success account in Telugu film industry for 2021.  His film Krack did great at the box office and provided a much needed confidence boost to all other filmmakers.  The film also gave the audience a huge mass entertainment they were waiting for after the pandemic.  Ravi Teja is a symbol of energy and he showcased the same in his films.

Ravi Teja is continuing the same energy for 2022 too.  His films Khiladi and Ramarao On Duty are in production.  They are expected to release in the months of February and March respectively.

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Now Ravi Teja announced another project with the director Sudheer Varma.  The film was titled Ravanasura and produced by Abhishek pictures and RT teamworks.  Ravi Teja is going to play the role of a Lawyer, as known from the sources.

The makers of the film scheduled an event of pooja ceremony on 14th January, 2022 at 9:05 AM in Annapurna Studios.  Many celebrities are going to grace the event.  The cast and crew details are expected to be announced on the day of the pooja ceremony.

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