Which Sukumar – Allu Arjun Movie Impressed You The Most?

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When we go through the career of Allu Arjun, we can see the presence of one man all through his career and life.  That man gave Allu Arjun blockbusters and boosted his career as an actor.  Besides, he also stood by Allu Arjun all the time and guided him.  We are talking about an intelligent screenwriter who brought the addition of complex and multi-layered screenplays into Telugu cinema.  He is none other than Sukumar, the most successful director combination for Allu Arjun.  Sukumar and Allu Arjun worked together for three blockbuster films namely Arya, Arya 2 and Pushpa: The Rise.

Which among these 3 films is their best work?  Yes, it is tough to pick one.  But let us look into their films before making our choice here.

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Sukumar and Allu Arjun collaborated for the first time with the film Arya.  The film deals with a love story between Arya, a free spirited guy and Geetha, an introverted girl.  The film was released on 7th May, 2004 and turned out to be a huge hit at the box office.  The film collected around 30 crores worldwide.  Allu Arjun also got a huge fan base in Kerala with the film, which was dubbed and released in Malayalam.  The film was also dubbed into other languages including Tamil, Bengali, Odia and Sinhala.  Arya boosted the career of Allu Arjun and he proved to be an upcoming top actor of Tollywood.

Continuing this success, the duo of Sukumar and Allu Arjun collaborated for the second time in 2009 with the film Arya 2.  The film was a huge success and was dubbed into multiple languages as well.

After a long gap, the duo came back with a perfect blockbuster for the year 2021 with the film Pushpa: The RiseSukumar presented Allu Arjun in a unique way with rugged looks.  The film got a grand welcome from the audience.  Pushpa hit very hard at the box office bagging 230 crores already and continues to run successfully.  The performance of Allu Arjun and the writing of Sukumar got a huge appreciation.

The duo is still on their journey together as the part 2 of Pushpa is yet to come.  The makers of the film are going to commence the shoot of Pushpa: The Rule from February, 2022. Hope the duo will entertain us much more with their films.

Now, let us pick our favourite film of this duo, Sukumar and Allu Arjun.

What Is Your Favourite Sukumar - Allu Arjun Film? Vote Now.

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