Bigg Boss Telugu 5 Second Week Elimination

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Bigg Boss Telugu 5 has completed two weeks and the second elimination took place yesterday.  Let us take a look at what happened yesterday and who got eliminated.

The episode started off with Nagarjuna relieving the tension by giving the contestants a fun task.  All the male and female contestants were separated into two teams.  The female contestants had to place a ping pong ball into one of the cups arranged on the table and whose name was written on the bottom of the cup will have to compete in a dance off.  Nagrajuna scored each performance out of 10.  The ladies were deemed winners as the male contestants made a mistake calculating their scores.  The remaining 4 contestants who are up for elimination were called into the living room.  A song would be played over the speakers and whosoever’s name was in the song lyric will be safe.  Kajal was safe as her name was mentioned in the song’s lyrics.

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Nagarjuna announced another fun task where the contestants had to choose the devil of the house and give their reason for choosing the said contestant.  With 5 votes, Siri was chosen as the house devil.  Soon after this, Nagarjuna called the other 3 contestants up for elimination to stand up.  Nagarjuna would pick up an item placed in front of him and the contestant to whom the item belongs to is safe.  Priya was safe from this round.  The remaining 2 contestants, Uma and Nataraj Master were called into the garden area where two CO2 guns were placed.  Whose gun would fire will be safe.  Nataraj Master’s gun fired and Uma was finally eliminated.

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The contestants bid an emotional farewell to Uma.  The episode ended with a surprise gift to Anchor Ravi from his wife on the occasion of his birthday.

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