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Synopsis :

A young man is wrongfully convicted of a crime he did not commit and is sent to rot away in the prison. Years later, Rama Chandra (Satyadev) takes up the young man’s case to get him justice.

Movie Details:

Movie Details:
Movie: Thimmarusu / Timmarusu
Cast: Satyadev, Priyanka Jawalkar, Brahmaji, Ravi Babu, Ankith, Ajay, Jhansi, Viva Harsha
Director: Sharan Koppisetty
Producers: Mahesh S Koneru, Srujan Yarabolu
Banners: East Coast Productions in Association with S Originals
Music: Sri Charan Pakala
Editor: Tammi Raju
DOP: Appu Prabhakar
Art Director: Kiran Kumar Manne
Presented by Mango Mass Media
Trailer Sound Mix and Mastering: Joy Rayarala

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Thimmarusu” Telugu Movie Review:


Thimmarusu revolves around a youngster named Vasu, who is falsely accused of a homicide and jailed for lifetime.  8 Years later, a passionate but practical lawyer, Rama Chandra determined to get justice to the innocent people, takes up Vasu’s case who is out on parole and has to pay a penalty to the homicide victim’s family.  When all the mysteries are slowly unveiled, Rama Chandra decides to reopen the old case and prove Vasu’s innocence.  The impossible challenges Rama Chandra faces on his way to justice forms the rest of the plot.

Turning Point:

Ramachandra is an intelligent lawyer who is practical in his approach more than anything else.  He often sees the justice to be served to the right person and doesn not matter if his client is in the wrong.  The story gets riveting when Ramachandra discovers that Vasu who was originally fighting a right to indemnity case is actually wrongfully accused of homicide.


Satyadev as Ramachandra delivers a phenomenal performance and carries the movie on his own.  Ankith Koyya gets into the skin of Vasu’s character and seamlessly performs his part.  Priyanka Jawalkar gives an impressive performance and Brahmaji provides the comedic relief.  Ajay as the Police Inspector and Ravi Babu as the Opposition lawyer do justice to their roles.


Satyadev’s powerful performance as the gritty, never take no for an answer lawyer is one of the highlights of the movie.  The lift fight scene especially shows the determination of Satyadev for his craft.  Sricharan Pakala’s massy background score is intense and provides the right vehicle for the scenes to make the right impact.  Sharan Koppisetty’s direction and screenplay along with the dialogues are crisp and impactful.


Thimmarusu is a finely crafted thriller with commercial elements.  It has gripping screenplay, resonant background music and is a proper blend of concept oriented and commercial cinema.  After the second lockdown has been lifted and the theatres reopened, audiences have been waiting for a good movie to watch on the big screens and Thimmarusu will definitely leave everyone wanting for more.


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