Reasons To Watch Ardha Shathadbdam Movie

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Tollywood is evolving with each passing year.  Small budget movies with strong plots are garnering wide attention.  With new ventures and scripts close to reality, audiences are looking forward to such movies.  In the latest, Ardha Shatabdham stepped in the queue of movies based on social issues.  The Natural Star Nani launched the Ardha Shatabdham trailer recently which created a buzz among the audience.  As this social drama is gearing towards OTT release tomorrow, we at Telugu Filmnagar will give reasons why Ardha Shathadbam is a must watch.

The Concept:

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Love is an unwavering emotion, it neither has a rule or conditions to blossom.  While love has its way to make youngsters fall for each other, the after effects remain the same despite many years.  Narrating such a strong concept in this modern era is sure a challenge as it addresses the underlying issues without any remorse.  Ardha Shathadbam is a social drama questioning the blind spots of love, caste and community.

The Trailer:

The two minute trailer focuses on prime aspects of love, caste and community violence.  ℅ Kancharapalem fame Karthik falls in love with a girl, Pushpa of another community.  How they face the wrath of caste issues in the name of community violence was well shown in the trailer.  With an intense background score and excellent visuals, the trailer locked the attention of the youth.


Karthik Rathnam who was stunning in the role as Joseph in ℅ Kancharapalem is set to rock as a headstrong youngster who would go any lengths to marry the love of his life.  Sai Kumar, the prominent actor, is playing the role of communist leader.  Ajay and Naveen Chandra are appearing in cop roles while Subhaleka Sudhakar is playing the role of political leader.  With a strong cast and intense action plot, Ardha Shathabdam is a must watch in this modern era.

OTT Release:

With the sudden surge of the Coronavirus cases, filmmakers opted to reach the audience through OTT platforms.  It is forthright to say, OTT is a blessing in disguise for many small budget filmmakers.  Ardha Shathabdam will premiere on the OTT platform Aha from 11th June, 2021. 

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