EXCLUSIVE: Santosh Shobhan Talks About His Entry Into The Industry, About Ek Mini Katha Movie And More

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Today as our guest on The Right Hour with TFN we have Santosh Shobhan, the young and rising talent in Tollywood.  Stepping into the industry as a child artiste to marking his debut as the main lead, Santosh Shobhan has come a long way.  Santosh Shobhan is well known for his role in Golconda High School(2011.)  He is the son of Sobhan, director of Varsham(2004.)   Santosh delivered back to back hits like Thanu Nenu(2015,) a romantic drama and Paper Boy(2018.)  In this exclusive interview, Santosh spoke about his upcoming movie Ek Mini Katha, his entry and more.

How are you doing in the pandemic situation?

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I am doing good.  I have no complaints. I am grateful for the food, shelter and safe living.

Do you have any regrets on Ek Mini Katha taking OTT platform for the release?

I accept that theatrical release is special but keeping in mind the present situation audiences won’t be able to come to theatres.  Amazon Prime Video has access to over 240 countries.  We consider it a privilege as we are taking cinema to the audience.  A small budget film like ours is reaching world wide through Amazon Prime Video and we are grateful for it. 

How are you feeling about the collaboration with Merlapaka Gandhi and UV Creations?

It is a blessing to work with UV Creations.  There is no other banner like UV Creations I suppose who are as passionate about cinema as them.  I can say it with gusto that it was incredible working with UV Creations.  Gandhi is an incredible writer and I hope I made them proud for giving me the opportunity.

Working with the established directors like Sampath for Paper Boy and Merlapaka Gandhi for Ek Mini Katha was it coincidental?

Yes, it was coincidental.  We never planned.  It happened, I was waiting for good stories and I worked on it.

Did you think a lot before taking up Ek Mini Katha?

I took it on impulse.  It is rare for any artist to get a new concept oriented role which no one has ever done before.  I liked the story as soon as Merlapaka Gandhi narrated and we did it.  Yes, we are talking about a sensitive issue, Gandhi and Karthik dealt with it so beautifully.  You will understand once you watch Ek Mini Katha.

How did you prepare for the role in Ek Mini Katha?

Absolutely Nothing.  Merlapaka Gandhi, Karthik created the magic on sets I went along with them.  It was liberating for me as an actor to play this role. 

What is the role of Shraddha Das?

Shraddha Das plays a very important role in the film and she did a terrific job. 

How did you plan to watch Ek Mini Katha at your home?

I will be home with my family.  I will let my family watch it first as we did a lot of hard work and I will watch it later alone. 

What was the hard work behind your energetic performance for the songs?

All thanks to Yash, he is an excellent choreographer.  Merlapaka Gandhi gave me the confidence to perform well. 

What were your thoughts on script selection?

I didn’t audition for Ek Mini Katha. They chose me.  I am grateful for Merlapaka Gandhi.  I auditioned for earlier films like Paper Boy, Golconda High School, they chose me for the roles.  I never selected any scripts. 

Did you ever face any difficulties after auditioning for a film and not liking the script?

I started out my career.  It is a blessing to get a chance in a movie.  So, I never had such thoughts.  For me it was survival.  If I had work I was working, If I didn’t have work, I was looking for work. 

Do you watch movies based on reviews?

No, I don’t watch movies based on reviews.  But it’s okay if people watch movies based on reviews.  

What do you think of people watching movies based on reviews?

It depends on the individual’s likeability.  We can not control their interests.  It is their right to like a movie or not as they pay 120 rupees and watch the film. 

Have you ever felt a review could have been written well for any of your previous films?


Do you love pets?

Yes. I absolutely love them.

Are you single?

Yes. I am single.

Do you like social media?

Yes.  It is a great platform but I don’t know how to use it. 

Do you like negative roles?

Yes. I love negative roles. We as actors love negative roles a lot. 

Which character did you love the most in Ek Mini Katha apart from yours?


How was working with Sudharshan?

It was super fun working with him.  Our chemistry and comic timing was incredible from day 1. 

Do you have any scene in Ek Mini Katha that syncs in your real life?

There is a scene of realization in the climax.  It is similar to the realization which happens in everyone’s life.  Audience shall relate to it after watching the movie. 

What is your favourite song in Ek Mini Katha?

I hate my life’u.  

What do you want to say to the audience on watching Ek Mini Katha?

They can watch it as they like.  I can vouch they are definitely going to enjoy Ek Mini Katha.  It is a great story to tell and entertaining to watch.  It is a sensitive topic and we executed it really well. 

What do you want to say about your director Merlapaka Gandhi?

He is an incredible director to work with and I enjoyed a lot. 

Can we see you in action movies in the future?

Yes. I am interested in acting in action films.  If anything comes up I will definitely work. 

Choose one, Paper Boy or Golconda High School?

Golconda High School.

How was your work experience in Golconda High School?

It was more like a picnic to us and we enjoyed it a lot.  Working with Indraganti Mohana Krishna garu is incredible. 

One director you want to work with again?

Karthik and Merlapaka Gandhi. 

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