EXCLUSIVE: Prince Cecil Talks About His YouTube Channel, Mental Health, On Internet Trolls, His Upcoming Projects And More

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The handsome hunk Prince Cecil debuted in the industry with the movie Neeku Naaku Dash Dash (2012) and since then entertained the audience with many memorable roles.  Today, on our segment The Right Hour with TFN, we brought Prince Cecil on board with us where he talked about being fit, the idea behind his YouTube channel, OTT platforms and more:

  • You started a YouTube channel on men’s beauty and grooming.  You took up a taboo topic.  Can you tell us about your idea behind it?

I think everyone does it but do not like to discuss it.  Everyone wants to look their best.  However, their insecurities stop them.  I believe with this YouTube channel I want to make the best version of men.  I am trying to help them with my knowledge and experience.  

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  • Apart from fitness, what is your daily routine?

I wake up around 6:30 in the morning.  I stay alone, so as soon as I wake up I do the dishes to activate myself.  Have some tea and listen to music.  I do some quick morning workout and take a power nap.  I spend my day on social media, binge watching, creating content and shooting for my channel.  That is how I am spending my lockdown.  Sofa cum bed is a bad idea for productivity, I suggest the viewers to not buy one.  I also study for the nutrition course I am doing.

  • Tips for maintaining mental health in these times?

I think if we are unable to spend time alone with ourselves, it is a problem.  We should learn to be comfortable with ourselves.  We can try all the things we never got to do in these times.  It is good to try new things without overthinking the consequences.  I think it is okay to fail as long as you learn.

  • What do you think of Internet trolls?

I think it is easy to comment on someone else sitting behind an anonymous screen.  It is not easy being in front of a camera and doing what we do.  I think it is better if people focus their time on improving themselves than wasting time just trolling a person.

  • Who is your crush?

Once upon a time it was Samantha garu.  Now, I realise there is not much use in crushing hahaha.

  • What are your upcoming projects?

I am working on the movie Pellikuthuru Party.  The motion poster was released recently.  We might go for an OTT release.  Then there is Narudi Brathuku Natana movie, in which I am doing an off beat and negative role.  I am looking forward to it.  I am also working on the web series Three Roses with Aha.  We just started shooting for it.  Also, another web series called Nasha with Prime Video was halted due to the Coronavirus pandemic.  There are many projects I am looking forward to. 

  • OTT vs Theatres.  Which is your pick?

I think OTT platforms are good for small and medium budget films.  Theatres will always have their own audience, but I think in these times it does not feel right to ask people to go to theatres and watch.  Also, there are people who work all day long and barely have any time left to experience movies in theatres.  They would prefer watching movies at the comfort of their homes.  Considering the pandemic and all, at the moment I would pick OTT.

  • What are the contents of your gym bag?

I carry my shoes, a foam roller, gym gloves, knee bands, my headphones, foam pad and back belt for heavy weights.  It is important to take precautions while lifting heavy weights. I also carry a deodorant, and a toiletry kit which has baby oil, foundation and such.  My gym bag weighs around 3 to 4 kgs.  I also carry some chewing gum.  

  • How did you start your YouTube channel?

I always share my knowledge with people around me.  During the pandemic, I felt like I should do something.  I wanted to do something I am passionate about.  It gives me a sense of satisfaction helping people.  I get overjoyed when people say my advice or recommendations worked for them.  It is working well for me.  Men do not like to talk about such things.  Many men think it is girly to groom yourself.  It will take some education and teaching for people to change that perspective.


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