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With acting as a profession many artists across the globe are recognized for their versatility.  One such influential actor who spellbounded the audience of India and the globe is Vikram.  Starting his career with short films, commercials and seeing blockbuster hits , Vikram rose to stardom.  His allegiance to cinema to outperform better than his last flick, carved his place in the industry as an ace actor.  Most of all Vikram delivered many action thrillers, with each one surpassing the last.  One can witness his impeccable transformation over the years.  Vikram popularly known as Chiyaan Vikram in South Indian cinema is celebrating his birthday today.  On the special occasion of his birthday, let us check out some of his popular movies that are streaming on OTT.

Aparichitudu (Sun Nxt)

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Vikram as Ramanujam, suffering from Dissociative Identity Disorder in Aparichitudu (2005,) delivered his career’s best role.  Ramanujam is a lawyer by day and works as an avenger at night eliminating immoral elements in society.  Aparichitudu remains on top of most watched films in Indian cinema for it’s intriguing plot and ace acting by Vikram.  Aparichitudu marks a major turning point for Vikram. 

Shiva Thandavam (Netflix)

Vikram as a blind man impresses the audience with another action thriller.  Shiva Thandavam (2012,) features Vikram as Kenny who is on a quest to seek revenge for the loss of his loved one in a bomb blast at London.  Using echolocation as the means, Kenny devises a skillful plan to eliminate the antagonists.

Inkokkadu (Disney Hotstar)

Inkokkadu (2016) features Vikram as Akhilan, an ex agent who is on a mission to root out the culprit responsible for the attack on the Indian Embassy in Malaysia.  However, the investigation gets him in touch with an old rival who develops a disastrous drug to eliminate everyone. 

Sketch (Prime)

Sketch (2018) is an action film directed by Vijay Chandar.  Vikram as Sketch, works under a financier and confiscates  vehicles from  people who are unable to pay him.  In this course, he gets entangled in a rivalry with a gangster when he grabs his vehicle.  With an interesting plot twist and a love story in the background, Sketch marks to be an entertaining watch.

Saamy Square (Disney Hotstar)

Saamy Square(2018,) is the sequel to Saamy (2003.)  Vikram as Ramasamy played the front end receptionist for the Union Minister Viswanathan.  Ramasamy is on a quest to seek justice for his parent’s death and pursues civil service in the due course.  The love track between Ramasamy and Viswanathan’s daughter( Keerthy Suresh) in the background and enthralling action sequences, Saamy Square covered all the entertaining elements.

Mr. K K (Prime)

Touted to be an action thriller, Mr. K K (2019,) revolves around a young medico and his attempt to save a criminal.  Vikram as Vasu gets into a troubled situation, when his pregnant wife is taken hostage by the antagonists, who demand the criminal in return.  With time running out and nowhere to find a clue, Vasu and Mr. K K escapes unscathed, marked to be an edge of the seat thriller.

With a bunch of marvellous action thrillers on OTT, watch your favourite film of Vikram today with a bucketful of popcorn and enjoy the weekend.  Do tell us, what are your favourite movies of Vikram from the above through comments.


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