Vakeel Saab Movie: Reasons To Watch

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Vakeel Saab is the talk of the town, the movie people wouldn’t stop gushing over it since its announcement.  The expectations this movie carries are off the roof.  Each and every update about the movie received a phenomenal response.  As the movie will hit the theatres tomorrow on 9th April, we at Telugu Filmnagar give you reasons why you should watch Vakeel Saab. 

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The sheer influence the Power Star holds is hard to measure as his name alone is enough to pull the crowds to the theatres.  Vakeel Saab will be Pawan Kalyan’s return to the film industry after two years and the fans have been eagerly waiting to witness the Power Star in action.  Additional to that, Pawan Kalyan is essaying a new role as a lawyer.  Snippets from the movie show his rendition as a badass lawyer fighting for justice.

The Concept

Lack of consent, harassment and stalking are some of the common issues that women are subjected to on a daily basis.  Over the years, a notion was developed that women can be treated as objects and consent is not a thing to consider.  The extreme cases of all sorts of violence against women is the scary reality of our country and Vakeel Saab addresses these issues.  Celebrities and cinema have a massive impact on the people of our country and when an influential star like Pawan Kalyan advocates the concept of consent and educates people through his movie, a positive change can be expected. 

The actresses

Nivetha Thomas, Anjali and Ananya Nagalla play crucial roles in Vakeel Saab.  The trio play the roles of the wrongly accused and Pawan Kalyan, a lawyer who takes up their case. The actresses are capable performers and their mettle is obvious in the trailer of the movie.  Furthermore, Shruti Hassan appears in a cameo, as the love interest to Pawan Kalyan’s character.


The four songs released so far were sung by top singers of the industry and received a great response.  The songs have profound and impactful lyrics which clearly reflect the tone of the movie.  The songs composed by Thaman. S are powerful and goosebumps inducing.

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Vakeel Saab is a movie addressing the social issues very much relevant to every individual of the country and the Power Star’s presence is a force to be reckoned.  We believe these reasons are enough to watch Vakeel Saab.  Head over to the theatres this weekend and catch Vakeel Saab in action. 

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