Mega Star Chiranjeevi Cooks A Delicious Dinner For King Nagarjuna

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Fans always love seeing their favourite stars together.  They keep aside all the fan wars and unite to witness the moments of their favourite stars whether it be them sharing screen space or spending time.  A recent rendezvous of the two top actors of the Telugu cinema warmed the hearts of fans.

Nagarjuna had a nervous day yesterday, ahead of the big release of his movie Wild Dog which hit the theatres today on 2nd April.  Nagarjuna was invited by Chiranjeevi to his house for a delicious meal.  Nagarjuna visited Chiranjeevi’s house for the dinner which was cooked by Chiranjeevi himself.  Nagarjuna took to Twitter and shared a picture of them together with the sumptuous looking chicken made by Chiranjeevi.  Both of them look gleeful and posed for the picture.  Nagarjuna  thanked the Mega Star for making him a delicious meal ahead of his movie’s release to calm his nerves.  Nagarjuna also gave the picture courtesy to Surekha, wife of the Mega Star.  Check out the picture below:

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It is wholesome to see big actors supporting each other in their endeavours as well as spending private time together.  This beautiful picture of Chiranjeevi and Nagarjuna and the story behind it and the friendship the duo share is a delightful sight.  Wild Dog stars Nagarjuna as a badass NIA agent on a mission.  Wild Dog is an action thriller movie based on real life terror attacks.  The movie had a theatrical release today.

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