HIT Movie Sequel Presented By Nani Is On The Cards

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The Telugu movie HIT: The First Case, starring Vishwak Sen and Ruhani Sharma, which was a mystery thriller and directed by Sailesh Kolanu, will be getting a sequel.  The first part of the film, which was released on February 28th 2020, achieved a box office record of Rs. 8.5 crores.  Now after one year, to celebrate the grand success of the film, the makers announced the sequel to HIT.

Nani, who produced HIT, took to twitter and announced HIT 2.  He wrote in the tweet, “1 year of HIT today What better day to announce Part 2 🙂 You’ve seen how Vikram Rudraraju of Telangana HIT has taken you on an edge of the seat ride.  Now it’s time for KD of AP HIT to take us on a nail biting Journey 🙂 KD? (sic.)”

While the first part saw Vishwak sen and Ruhani Sharma in the lead roles, it is reportedly said that the sequel will introduce new faces as the lead roles.  However, it is yet to be confirmed. 

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Sailesh Kolanu’s nip and tuck writing for HIT: The first Case, has amazed the audience and now they are enthusiastic for the sequel.  The thrilling ride of the sequel is said to happen in Andhra Pradesh, by KD.  So who is KD?  Nani’s snippets about the sequel seem to be just the beginning for the audience to go agog.  Further details will unravel very soon.

 HIT: The First Case is the story which revolves around Vikram Rudraju(Vishwak Sen,) who works for the Homicide Intervention Team and goes through panic attacks occasionally due to his work inhibiting trauma.  He takes up the missing case of Preethi for personal reasons and how he resolves the mystery behind the case, follows the rest of the story.  Well, it is yet to be known if the sequel will reveal a new story of the mystery thriller or will continue with the first part. 



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