Gaali Sampath Trailer Is A Blend Of Comedy Love And Intrigue

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Sree Vishnu and veteran actor Rajendra Prasad, are teaming up for an upcoming Telugu film titled, Gaali Sampath.  The film is directed by Anish Krishna and presented by filmmaker Anil Ravipudi, who also stepped up into the role of a direction supervisor.  The trailer for Gaali Sampath was finally released on all social media platforms today and is already generating a good buzz.

The trailer begins with a voiceover which tells how parents treat their children with love and affection.  The voiceover goes on to narrate how children get annoyed with their parents for everything they do, once a child hits adolescence.  Gaali Sampath (Rajendra Prasad) is a father to a son and also aspires to be a theatre artist.  However, there is a catch, Gaali Sampath cannot speak properly and has a stutter.  Sri Vishnu (son) does not approve of Gaali Sampath’s ambition and gets annoyed with every decision his father makes.  The trailer also shows Sri Vishnu’s love interest in the movie played by Lovely Singh.  The rest of the trailer becomes intriguing as Gaali Sampath seems to be stuck in a ditch with no way out.  Desperation creeps in followed by a resolute determination as Gaali Sampath gets ready to come out of the ditch.  The trailer ends with a pair of hands coming out of a ditch in front of Gaali Sampath’s house.

The trailer is definitely interesting as it does not divulge much details about the plot.  How and Why does Gaali Sampath get stuck in a ditch? What does the ending scene in the trailer about a pair of hands shooting up from the ditch mean?  These are the questions which are bound to be in the mind of the viewer.  

Gaali Sampath is directed by Anish Krishna and will showcase a beautiful journey of a father and son.  Sree Vishnu and Rajendra Prasad would portray a never seen before emotion between father and son.  Shine Screens and Image Spark Entertainment are jointly producing the film.   Gaali Sampath also features Lovely Singh, Tanikella Bharani, Sathya, Raghu Babu, Sreekanth Aiyyangar, Mirchi Kiran, Surendra Reddy, Gagan, Memes Madhu, Aneesh Kuruvilla, Rajitha, Karate Kalyani, Sai Srinivas, Rupalakshmi, and others in pivotal roles.  

The makers of the film announced Gaali Sampath would be released in theatres on March 11, 2021.


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