Exclusive: Ram Veerapaneni And Singer Sunitha Upadrasta Interviewed By Anchor Suma On Valentine’s Day

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Singer Sunitha Upadrasta and digital media leader Ram Veerapaneni tied the knot on January 9th, 2021 in an intimate wedding ceremony.  Their wedding was one of the most widely searched topics in the Telugu states and also was the first major wedding in Tollywood this year.  As the lovely couple Sunitha and Ram begin their second innings, fans of Sunitha have since then been quite curious to know how post marital bliss is treating Ram and herself.  It now looks like all the questions have been answered as Ram and Sunitha appeared in their first ever interview post marriage.  

The interview was hosted by popular Telugu anchor Suma Kanakala and took place on Valentine’s Day.  Suma Kanakala asked Ram and Sunitha multiple questions on how life is treating the couple after marriage.  Throughout the interview, Ram and Sunitha look to be very much in love with each other as each of them take turns to answer Suma’s questions.  The interview also offers a personal glimpse into the lives of Sunitha and Ram.  Keep reading to find out excerpts from the fun filled interview.

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Suma begins the interview by remarking about how she never saw Ram outside of a professional setting and remarks upon how Ram almost never took time for his personal life. 

1)How did the relationship between Ram and Sunitha happen?

Ram immediately responds by saying his reaction or rather his feelings towards Sunitha blossomed almost seven years ago.  Ram says “Since our company has been engaging with Sunitha professionally since a long time, it struck a chord with me when I realised how both of us are single, so why not take the first step.  With this train of thought I gave an indication to Sunitha but got no response from her.  Finally, during the COVID-19 lockdown things took a turn for the better (sic.)”

Sunitha immediately responds by saying how professional Ram is when speaking with anyone and she always hoped he would say something more than “what else?” after a conversation.  This response would leave Sunitha flabbergasted and she would not have a response to Ram’s “What else?”   Sunitha says, “I never used to take his calls but something happened during this (COVID-19) lockdown.  My entire family got together after years because of the lockdown and had to stay together.  Suddenly, Ram called out of the blue for a professional discussion but ended up talking about life.  I asked Ram if he would never marry again to which Ram asked if I never realised he (Ram) was asking me out over the years (sic.)”

Sunitha then says Ram and herself went for a drive and Ram quips in saying they probably drove around Suma’s house nine times.

2) What was the first reaction when your families came to know about the news?

Ram says, “For me it was quite easy as all I had to do was just give them the information but Sunitha had to speak to her family members (children and parents) and so it took a little time (sic.)”

Sunitha says “After speaking to my kids (Akash and Shreya) and parents, I got a video call out of the blue from Ram which was unexpected.  As I answered the call, Ram was there with his entire family which was quite a shock (sic.)”  Ram adds, “my entire family was gathered in my village and it was at the same moment Sunitha confirmed her interest to marry me.  Therefore, I video called her as my family was also present (sic.)”

Sunitha also said she was surprised about how accepting Ram’s family was about her.  She goes on to say “my children are grown up and are moving out of the house for their education and they told me it was not fair for her (Sunitha) to be alone.  It was at this point that Ram and I had been going out on drives.  My children’s thoughts and meetings with Ram were perhaps connected and drove me to get married in my mind (sic.)”

“I am an impulsive and impatient guy by nature.  However, this (marriage) is a lifetime decision for the both of us.  I think my contribution to the relationship was to be patient and give Sunitha the time and space to think about us and consult with her family (sic.),” reflects Ram.

3) Suma speaks about how society likes to barge in and gossip on the lives of other people and often end up ruining relationships.

Ram says “I never gave the opportunity for society to gossip.  I believe life is too short and so many things need to be done.  On social media, everybody is anonymous and therefore gives their opinion without fear of repercussions.  In Fact, the only time Sunitha would call me was when she was agitated by a negative comment on her profile (sic.)”

As the interview of Sunitha and Ram with anchor Suma progresses, Suma unearths the secret behind how the news of the engagement went viral on social media.  Keep reading to find out the most hilarious way in which the engagement news of Ram and Sunitha went viral.

4) How did your engagement go viral?

Ram begins off by saying, “It was supposed to be a very low profile ceremony limited to only the closest family members.  In hindsight, we should have told the family members to not distribute the pictures of the ceremony which led to them being shared in family groups and eventually, made their way to the public domain.  As usual I had to think of a way to announce it on social media.  It was not planned and as you (Suma) and I know, things go viral only when we want to hide something (sic.)”

Sunitha says “It was officially the first time I met with my mother-in-law and she got me clothes.  I woke up with a phone call from a journalist who wished me congratulations on my engagement.  I was surprised but the journalist insisted the news to be true as the photos of the engagement were already public.  After going home, my children asked me why I did not tell them about the engagement.  I had to explain to them it was completely unplanned (sic.)”

5) What are your Valentine’s Day plans?

Sunitha responds by saying “We are going to Maldives before the temperatures soar because of summer (sic.)”

6) One thing you like and dislike about each other.

Ram responds immediately by saying “I have not discovered any dislikes about Sunitha as I did not learn anything so far but I am sure I will discover them in the future.  I am trying to manage my life after marriage.  This is a practical answer as I am still figuring out how to manage my life.  Earlier I used to work eighteen hours a day but life is falling in place now (sic.)”

Suma then goes on to show a few pictures to understand the emotions behind them and one of them was a picture of Sunitha looking up at Ram just before he was about to tie the sacred thread around her neck.  Sunitha says “It still is the best moment of my life so far and I still remember that moment vividly (sic.)”

Watch the video below to find out more about Ram Veerapaneni and Sunitha Upadrasta and do not miss the ending when Suma fires off a round of quick fire questions.

We at Telugu Filmnagar wish the wonderful couple Ram and Sunitha a very happy married life and hope they keep continuing to find happiness in the company of each other always!

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