Bangaru Bullodu Telugu Movie Review : It Is A Vintage Allari Naresh Once Again

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Allari Naresh is one of the biggest names in Tollywood when it comes to making comedy movies.  His movies have known to make entire audiences explode with peals of laughter with his acting.  Naresh is back once again with Bangaru Bullodu, a comedy movie which finally released in theaters and it does not disappoint.

Bhavani Prasad (Allari Naresh) is a bank employee in a small town who keeps facing issues with his brothers.  Bhavani’s grandfather cheats the town when he steals the jewellery from a local temple, for his own personal gain.  To make things right, Bhavani uses the gold available in the bank in which he works to apply for loans.  Trouble ensues when the antagonist (Posani) comes to the bank and asks for his gold, which is being used by Bhavani.  How Bhavani manages to navigate troublesome waters and get himself out of the crunch forms the plot of the movie.

Allari Naresh is his element as comedy seems to come naturally to him.  Seeing Naresh on screen after a long time being in his element and doing justice to comedy is worth watching the movie.  Naresh alao receives a lot of support from comedian Praveen who plays his friend.  Posani Murali Krishna does justice to his role and layers his performance with his trademark satirical comedy.  Tanikella Bharani gets a meaty role and delivers his best during emotional sequences.  

The first half sets up the plot and context very well but in the second half the plot often gets predictable.  As the movie comes towards its end, the final reveal is done in a couple of twists and ends abruptly leaving a sense of longing for a longer climax.

If a light hearted comedy with an ensemble cast of established comedians is your cup of tea then Bangaru Bullodu will not disappoint.  Overall, the movie is great for a one time watch with your family and Allari Nresh being at his vintage best would be all the entertainment you need. 


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