Solo Brathuke So Better Movie Review : Sai Dharam Tej – Nabha Natesh Shine In This Wholesome Entertainer

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Solo Brathuke So Better bagged the reputation of being the first movie to release in movie theaters post the lifting of the nationwide lockdown.  Movie theaters were closed for close to nine months and therefore Solo Brathuke So Better ,has a lot riding on its shoulders.  Other producers and movie industries are watching the progress and reception of this movie with a keen eye.  

Solo Brathuke So Better  stars Sai Dharam Tej and Nabha Natesh in the lead roles and is directed by Subbu.  Virat (Sai Dharam Tej) is an engineering student who creates a club called Solo Brathuke So Better in college after vowing to stay single forever.  However after attending a wedding which eventually gets cancelled, the bride Amrutha (Nabha Natesh) enters Virat’s life.  The rest of the plot follows how Virat slowly begins to rethink his vow of singlehood after meeting Amrutha.

Sai Dharam Tej seems to keep improving his craft after every film and this one was his usual best.  He carried forward his stylish performance from Prathi Roju Pandage and Chitralahari.  While Nabha Natesh makes her appearance in the second half of the movie, she manages to essay a strong performance as Amrutha.  Veteran actors Rao Ramesh and Rajendra Prasad were at their usual best whenever they appeared on screen.  

Solo Brathuke So Better has a predictable plot but director Subbu tried his best to keep an interesting narrative.  While Virat’s character who initially is pro singlehood later changes his mind after meeting Amrutha, might appear contradictory to the movie title,  but Subbu manages to explain the reasoning behind the transformation but falls short.  However, the interval twist and the comedy tracks more than compensate for the plot.

Thaman S., yet again, delivers a great album and composes an appealing background score for Solo Brathuke So Better. The title track and Idi Nenena stand out from all the songs.  Venkat Dilip, the Cinematographer, enhanced the screen presence with his deft camera work.

All in all, Solo Brathuke So Better is a good movie which provides wholesome entertainment.  The plot, good buzz among the audience coupled with the charm of watching it in a movie theater all point towards a resounding success and also rings in good news for the rest of the movies which will be released in the near future. GO WATCH IT IN THEATERS NEAR YOU!



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