IIT Krishnamurthy Movie Review: An Engrossing Thriller With Clean Performances

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Another Telugu movie that released on OTT directly is IIT Krishnamurthy which is touted to be a mystery thriller. Directed by newcomer Sreevardhan, the film stars Prudhvi Dandamudi and Maira Doshi in lead roles. The film tells the story of how an Indian Institute of Technology student embarks on a quest to find his missing uncle all the while enduring heavy odds.

As the name hints, Krishnamurthy is the protagonist of the movie and is a student studying at the prestigious Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Mumbai campus.  He is on a quest to find his missing uncle in Hyderabad.  On his journey, Krishnamurthy is attacked by unknown people, and how Krishnamurthy tries to connect the dots to make sense of the mystery forms the rest of the story.

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Prudhvi Dandamudi, who plays the role of Krishnamurthy, has done a commendable job in the lead role. The young actor keeps his act to the point and lends credibility to the plot.  He is particularly good at certain incidences where he acts in a way that he lets the plot of the movie shine.  All in all, Prudhvi is able to find the balance between his performance and letting the plot tell a gripping narrative.  Maira Doshi, as the female lead, lends substance to her character and has done a great job.

Although, in any thriller movie the plot becomes clear after a while, a good thriller will still manage to give a riveting experience without disclosing too much information to the audience.  IIT Krishnamurthy does just that and a huge credit for that goes to the writer Nagarjuna Manapaka and the director Sreevardhan.  Supporting actor Banerjee does an excellent job and it is quite evident how important his role is to the narrative considering some of the scenes.

When the mystery is solved, both the director and writer have managed to give a big reveal.  The twist will obviously elicit a huge surprise, something the audience might not be able to guess in the initial phase.  While the audience can guess when the twist will come based on the plot buildup, the result would still manage to surprise the audience.

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