POLL: Who Is The Best Tollywood Male Singer 2020? Vote Now

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Today’s cinema is changing significantly and so is music.  Music is a very important thing as the audience imprint a judgment based on songs of how good the movie is going to be.  Though the lyrics play a pivotal role in Telugu songs, the music is now being composed on the based of today’s generations, which are open to a lot of genres.  Pop, rap, electronic/ techno and rock music are being increasingly used by young and new music composers and the audience are absolutely in love with the music.  Be rap song like Oh My God Daddy by or a soulful song like Life of Ram, the music directors and singers are experimenting on many genres and bringing out the best to the audience. This year we have seen some beautiful songs which have gone on to become chartbusters and a major credit should go to the singer for bringing out the vision of the director.

As the year is approaching its end we at Telugu Filmnagar are conducting a poll to see who the audience thinks is The Best Tollywood Male Singer 2020.  Let us know your choice by participating in the poll below.

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POLL: Who Is The Best Tollywood Male Singer 2020? Vote Now


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