Zombie Reddy: Tollywood’s First Zombie Movie’s Trailer Drops

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Prasanth Varma is a new generation director who shot to fame with the critically acclaimed Awe!  The director is currently working on his next film titled Zombie Reddy, starring Teja Sajja in the lead role.  Zombie Reddy will also be the first movie based on zombies in Tollywood and a movie on this concept can only be pulled off by a director like Prashanth varma.

The teaser for the unconventional Zombie Reddy has finally been released on social media and people who have watched it are already praising Prashanth varma.  The trailer begins by establishing everything went wrong with the COVID-19 virus but that was only the beginning.  People begin to turn into zombies and a few of the uninfected will have to do everything they can to survive the zombie apocalypse.  Watch the teaser below.

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Previously, a motion poster was released which shows us a view of Kurnool Fort street from the mouth of a predator and people who lost their lives lying in the street.  Prasanth Varma said the upcoming untitled movie correlates with Coronavirus and showcases how the virus spreads at an alarming rate across the globe and offers a glimpse into the worst case scenario.  Movies about pandemics are not new with Hollywood already making Contagion, and the Malayalam movie Virus which was based on the Nipah virus outbreak.



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