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Salaar: Director Prashanth Neel Reveals The Meaning Of The Title Of This Prabhas-Starrer

Prabhas is the busiest actor with almost 4 films in his hand at the moment.  His most recent film, which was announced recently, is the pan Indian film Salaar with director Prashanth Neel.  The first look and title of the film has made everyone curious about what’s in the store.  Along with that, the movie buffs are also wondering what’s the meaning of Salaar.  Well here it is, director Prashanth Neel has revealed the meaning of Salaar.

Speaking to a leading daily, the director said that the title has got many interpretations. As far as the film is concerned, it means commander-in-chief.  “You can say that a Salaar is the right hand man to a king.  He is the general (sic.)”

Prashanth also said that Prabhas’ character in Salaar will be extremely violent.  “The stronger the villain is, the stronger the heroism that can be shown on screen.  I try to create an environment where it offers both of these.  In our given scenario, I will not be able to achieve villainy to that level, nor will I be able to elevate heroism to that point. This is why I try to make my world more violent (sic.)”

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Saalar is touted to be an underworld action drama and Prabhas is said to be seen in a never seen actioner.  The film is also said to be the biggest release of 2021.  The film is bankrolled by KGF production house Homable Films.



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