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Bigg Boss 4 Telugu, Day 89 Highlights: Akhil Wins Ticket To Finale While Abhijeet Goes To Jail

Akhil and Sohel are still on the swing, and the first one to get down from it will lose the ticket to the finale.  Abhijeet keeps both Sohel and Akhil company by sitting with them beside the swing.  As neither of the contestants are ready to get down, both of them break down and hug each other for being put in a difficult position.  However, in a fit of emotion, Sohel jumps down the swing and leaves Akhil as the winner.  Akhil will be the first contestant to be a finalist should he be saved from this week’s elimination.  The housemates enjoy sometime by bonding with each other, as Avinash begins to entertain everyone.

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Bigg Boss gives a task where each contestant has to rank each other in the order of their performances and have to stand on a podium with designated ranks.  Candidates have to debate among themselves as to why they think they deserve a rank they choose.  Abhijeet straight away decides to take the last place because he feels he hurt Bigg Boss  by turning down the date with Monal task.  Harika tells Bigg Boss they are emotionally drained and a little tired after thirteen weeks and have no energy to argue with each other.  Sohel is declared as the best contestant and Abhijeet as the worst and therefore Abhijeet has to go to jail.  The episode ended with everyone outside the jail and talking to Abhijeet.



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