Bigg Boss 4 Telugu, Day 86 Highlights: Akhil, Abhijeet, Harika And Sohel Enter The Race To Finale Level Two

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Day 86 begins with Akhil breaking down in front of his family’s photo because of Monal nominating him. Akhil is clearly upset and shows his anger with Monal for the reason she said in the nomination. The race to finale task begins and to whoever wins the medal will enter the finale week. The houseguests have to fill the milk in the bottles from the cow for the level one task. The houseguests fight with each other to fill the bottles, where Harika, Ariyana and Soh and others argue.

Avinash says to bigg boss that he is giving up the task as everyone is targeting him, to which an argument raises with Sohel and Akhil. Avinash also shows his anger and argues with Monal for kicking him in his face. Everybody tries to convince Avinash to play but he breaks down and declares to give up the game and get eliminated. On the other hand, Avinash fills the milk bottle with water, to which Bigg Boss disqualifies him from the task.

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The houseguest’s question Akhil and Sohel if they are playing together for the task. As Ariyana and Monal have fewer bottles, they get out of the level one task. Akhil, Abhijeet, Harika and Sohel enter the level two task. Harika feels bad that Abhijeet gave his milk bottle and she doesn’t want any favours from him.


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