Bigg Boss 4 Telugu, Day 85 Highlights: Five Contestants In This Week’s Nominations For Eviction

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Yesterday’s episode begins with the contestants soaking in what happened at the eliminations.  Avinash, although eliminated, used his free pass to stay for one more week in the house.  However, Avinash is dejected as he feels he has lost in the eyes of the audience even though he is not eliminated.  Sohel and Akhil try to cheer him  up but to no avail and Monal and Abhijeet have a small talk in the garden on how their friendship went sour.

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For the nominations, Bigg Boss asks the contestants to don a test tube filled with thick coloured water around their neck.  Contestants can nominate two or more than two people and for the people whom a contestant nominates, they have to pour coloured water in a glass container.  Harika began the process and nominated Avinash and Abhijeet.  Avinash nominated Akhil and Monal, while Akhil nominated Avinash and Monal.  Avinash and Abhijeet disagree with the latter’s reason for nominating Avinash.  Abhijeet nominates Monal and tells her he is facing problems both emotionally and mentally because of her and because of her inability to stand for herself in the beginning of the show.  Abhijeet, Avinash, Harika, Monal and Akhil are the nominees for this week’s eviction.


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