Middle Class Melodies Review: A Beautiful Tale Amplified By Stellar Performances

Middle Class Melodies Review: A Beautiful Tale Amplified By Stellar Performances

A debut movie will always be an important part of any director’s journey as it sets the tone for their career.  Director Vinod Ananthoju cannot have wished for a better debut as Middle Class Melodies stays true to its name which is a skillfully woven melody which truly tells the story of a middle class family.  What makes Middle Class Melodies tick is not only the plot but also the stellar performances by every main and supporting cast.  Vinod Ananthoju has made sure there are no loose ends, no action wasted and attention given to every minor detail.  Drawing from the memories of Guntur when he was growing up, Vinod Ananthoju nails the storytelling.

Middle Class Melodies is the story of how a young boy Raghava (Anand Deverakonda) hailing from a small town outside of Guntur aims to make it big by opening a tiffin center in Guntur.  Raghava’s own father Kondal Rao (Ramana Goparaju) who owns a tiffin shop in their hometown is however sceptical about Raghava’s dream.  However, Raghava believes he can make it big with his Bombay Chutney.  How Raghava stays true to his dreams while going against the wishes of his family as well as trying to woo the girl he likes forms the rest of the story.

Sandhya (Varsha Bollamma) plays the role of Raghava’s love interest and Vinod Anantoju made sure Sandhya’s character is not just a routine female lead, but instead gave a lot of depth.  There are many small things the director has managed to nail.  For instance the first song which is an ode to the city of Guntur has images of lip smacking delicacies from all of Guntur’s famous local eateries.  The rustic life of a small town is nailed perfectly as well.

The songs which have been composed by Sweekar Agasthi have been woven into the story and are not overbearing but rather enhance the storytelling and this is another good thing going right for Middle Class Melodies.  Coming to the performances, Anand Deverakonda has managed to deliver a convincing performance as Raghava, however his Telangana accent is noticeable at times.  Ramana Goparaju delivers a hilarious but powerful performance which will stay on your mind for a long time.  Chaitanya Garikipati nails his role as Raghava’s best friend. If you have to talk about Varsha’s performance, watch out for a scene where she is at a store trying to get her mobile phone recharged with some currency. It speaks for itself.

The editing is crisp and one doesn’t get bored at any moment in the film.  The visuals, by Sunny Kurapati, are a treat to the eyes and bring life to the story Vinod and Janardhan have penned.  Sweekar Agasthi, yet again, proves why he is one of the most sought after composers. Guntur Song is testimonial to the album.  Background score by RH Vikram is pleasant and has the right sounds conveying the right emotion.

Middle Class Melodies makes for a feel good watch and you will travel with every character in the story.  What makes the film an enjoyable flick is the realistic approach of the plot. Director Vinod succeeds here by striking the right balance between cinematic feel and reality.

Middle Class Melodies is available for streaming on Amazon Prime Video and we strongly recommend to our readers to watch the movie ASAP.


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