Five Reasons Why Anand Deverakonda-Starrer Middle Class Melodies Is A Must Watch

Five Reasons Why Anand Deverakonda-Starrer Middle Class Melodies Is A Must Watch

With movie theatres being closed due to the Coronavirus outbreak, Tollywood movies are reaching home through OTT platforms to entertain the audience.  Yet another Tollywood movie titled Middle Class Melodies starring Anand Deverakonda and Varsh Bollamma as the lead actors will be released on the online streaming platform Amazon Prime Videos on November 20.  The film is directed by debutant director Vinod Anantoju and bankrolled by Anand Prasad V., under Bhavya Creations.

As the film gears up for release tomorrow, we will give you a few reasons why Middle Class Melodies is a must watch and cannot be skipped.

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Anand Deverakonda

It is Anand Deverakonda’s second film and he is already nailing it.  If you look at the trailer, you can notice how beautifully Anand traded himself into a middle class man, who is trying hard to reach his goal. Anand gives you all the reason to connect yourself to his character.  Isn’t the movie already best, if you are connecting to it somewhere?

Director Vinod Anantoju

Middle Class Melodies is the debut film of director Vinod and the best part is he made this movie based on the stories of his life.  The street food, the Bombay Chutney and his hometown Guntur, everything is bits and pieces of Vinod’s life.  Life stories turned into a movie story, now that is another good reason to watch.

Varsha Bollamma

Along with the inspiring story of Raghava (Anand Deverakonda,) the film also shows a cute love story and aspirations of a young girl Sandhya (Varsha Bollamma.)  Varsha’s chemistry with Anand is sweet and beautiful that it will definitely remind you of your college time love story.  It’s not just that, Varsha’s struggle to stand up for her dreams as a young girl is unmissable.

Cast and Crew

Middle Class Melodies is a team of fresh cast and crew, who are all set to entertain you. The director revealed in an interview with us that he picked the finest actors from different theatre groups for the supporting roles, so that audience feels the story is happening next door.  Interestingly, even the technicians who worked on this film are fresh, from DOP to lightman.  That is another good reason why you should watch this film, a fresh story with a fresh cast and crew.


Middle Class Melodies is all about middle class families, which we all will definitely connect to.  From an unusual father and son relationship to a middle class man of big dreams, this film has it all to make you feel like it is your story.  Miiddle Class Melodies narrates a story of a young man, who hails from Kolakaluru near Tenali in the Guntur district of Andhra Pradesh, and dreams of opening a tiffin center of his own in Guntur. The film also reflects the aspirations of today’s youngsters, who are trying to break free from a certain routine and make it on their own.

Do comment down below and let us know if your Friday night is set with Middle Class Melodies.


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