Bigg Boss 4 Telugu; Day 71 Highlights: Nominations See Akhil And Abhijeet In An Ugly Spat

Bigg Boss 4 Telugu; Day 71 Highlights: Nominations See Akhil And Abhijeet In An Ugly Spat

Mondays in the Bigg Boss house is usually reserved for nominations and is also the most interesting day of the week.  During the nominations, it is quite easy to find tempers flaring between contestants and there is always bound to be one verbal spat in the least.  The episode begins with Nagarjuna keeping his word and sending mutton to the contestants.  Bigg Boss announces a nomination task and asks Akhil to begin since he is the captain.  Akhil nominates Abhijeet and Harika, and tells Abhijeet that he likes to talk behind his back.  Abhijeet responds back saying he does not have to do that since he will always be straightforward and stand on his word and the cameras record everything.  Akhil tells he went to the secret room as a sheep and came back as a tiger to which Abhijeet responds saying a sheep does not become a tiger but instead gets sacrificed.  Akhil tries to bring in Monal during the argument to which Monal tells him to leave her alone.

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When Ariyana nominated Lasya, she tells her she is hurt because Lasya does not see her as a competitor to which Lasya says she still does not see Ariyana as a competitor.  Avinash and Lasya nominate Monal and tell her she does not do the things she is assigned to do and also the ones she herself volunteered to do so.  When Sohel nominated Harika telling her he did not like how she was called a waste person.  The argument escalates with both contestants engaging in a verbal fight and Sohel completely loses his cool.  Ariyana, Monal, Sohel, Harika, Lasya and Abhijeet are the contestants who were nominated for eliminations this week.


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