Bigg Boss 4 Telugu; Day 70 Highlights: Houseguests Break Down Watching Mehboob’s Elimination

Bigg Boss 4 Telugu; Day 70 Highlights: Houseguests Break Down Watching Mehboob's Elimination

Day 70 begins with an energetic dance performance by host Nagarjuna.  He gives a task to a houseguest, where they play a fun eagle and rabbit game.  Sohel and Ariyana win this fun game.  Later, the host saves Ariyana from elimination.

Nagarjuna gives another fun task, where houseguests have to guess the film based on the drawing.  The competition happens between team Ariyana and team Sohel.  Later, an audience call comes to Harika as he asks her one question.  Monal and Harika get safe from elimination.  Lastly, Mehboob locks horns with Sohel for this week’s elimination.  However, Sohel is declared safe whereas Mehboob will leave the house this week.  The house turns all emotional with Mehboob leaving the house.  Sohel and Akhil burst into tears while Mehboob leaves the house.

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Mehboob cries and expresses his pain about his elimination to Nagarjuna.  As he leaves, Mehboob gives a special message to all the houseguests.  Sohel and all houseguests yet again break down into tears watching Mehboob dance one last time on the stage.  Finally, Mehboob throws a big bomb on Avinash for this week.


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