Gatham Movie Review: A gripping thriller with breathtaking twists throughout

Gatham Movie Review

Not often you get to watch a movie like Gatham, a film which boasts of newcomers in almost every craft of the film. Directed by Kiran Kondamadugula, Gatham features Bhargava Poludasu, Rakesh Galebhe and Poojitha Kuraparthi in crucial roles (not calling them lead because the story is the hero here). The film falls in the psycho thriller genre and has ample moments of thrills and chills, keeping you hooked onto the proceedings. Gatham is now released directly on Amazon Prime video and is available for streaming worldwide. Let’s take a look at what the film is about.

The story opens with a scene where Rishi (Bhargava Poludasu) is in a hospital and upon gaining consciousness, the doctor tells him that he has lost his memory due to an accident he met a few days ago. Rishi is accompanied by his girlfriend Aditi (Poojitha Kuraparthi) in the hospital and takes good care of him. After getting discharged, Rishi inquires with Aditi about his parents and is informed that his mother passed away long ago, but his father is alive and lives far away from where they are. Rishi decides to meet his father and the both set out on a journey when their car breaks down on the way. A stranger (Rakesh Galebhe) passing by offers them help and then takes them to his house while they get help to fix the car, since it is snowing in the locality. The stranger and his son act strange with the couple, one of them being the son forcing himself on Aditi. The couple fight and try to get out from there but are now trapped inside the house. But, here comes the twist! Rishi’s past has a connection to the stranger’s life. What is the connection and how does the couple get out of there forms the story of Gatham.

The performances were raw and inexperienced, the expressions were not on point by few actors and there are many more such things that can be highlighted in Gatham. But, less we care about all for the story takes the centerstage amongst all. Ample twists and many thrilling moments makes the film a terrific watch. The story backed by the honest performances makes Gatham a good outing and doesn’t disappoint. Actors like Rakesh Galebhe and Bhargava Poludasu deliver good performances and don’t make you realise that it is their first outing. Besides, supporting actors like Poojitha Kuraparthi, Harsha Vardhan Pratap, Lakshmi Bharadwaj and many others chip in with decent performances. Psycho thriller movies need strength in visuals which is a perfect check mark in the film, thanks to Manojh Reddy, who has cranked some outstanding visuals. Along with the visuals, it is the music which also plays a major role in creating an environment and who better than Sricharan Pakala. The Goodachari composer hits it out of the park with his astounding background score which does give a chill in the spine at times. The sound design is fancy in the film and is at the right balance which makes the viewing experience a good one.

Like we said before, there are few points that may get picked as not so great, but at the end of the film, the experience makes you ignore all those. We strongly recommend all our readers to watch Gatham which is now streaming on Amazon Prime Videos.


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