Bigg Boss Telugu 4, Day 50 Highlights: Abhijeet Nominates Monal And She Breaks Down

Day 50 begins with Abhijeet getting his clothes back at Samantha’s request.  For Morning Masti, Houseguests have to write one positive or negative about each other and read out loud. Avinash asks Amma Rajasekhar to do the punishment for not wearing the mic. Monal, Lasya, Avinash and Ariyana play Bathukamma in the house by singing bathukamma song.

The nomination task begins with Lasya nominating Amma Rajasekhar and Monal Gajjar. Akhil nominates Amma Rajasekhar, which causes a verbal spat between both. Mehboob nominates Ariyana, where they engage in a small spar.  Avinash nominates Lasya, where they both indulge in a serious discussion.  Amma Rajasekhar nominates Akhil, where they spat over some family issues and the argument grows big. Ariyana nominates Mehboob and Akhil.

Sohel nominates Ariyana and with that, she loses cool and a tension situation gets created between them.  Sohel nominates Amma Rajasekhar and he gets disappointed with it. Abhijeet nominates Monal and they argue over it.  Harika nominates Mehboob and they both argue over the reason for some time.

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Monal nominates Mehboob and Lasya, where she gets very emotional and tears down. Amma Rajasekhar, Ariyana, Akhil, Mehboob and Monal get nominated for this week’s elimination.


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