Bigg Boss 4 Telugu; Day 46 Highlights: Noel Sean-Amma Rajasekhar Argue While Avinash Becomes Captain

Day 46 begins with Amma Rajasekhar discussing and confronting Noel for nominating him two weeks back because of Swati.  The discussion ends on a bad note with Amma Rajasekhar dragging outside matters and both end up into a heated argument.  The next morning, Avinash and Ariyana indulge in a fun banter, where she teases him that if she becomes captain she will make him work all day.  Later, Avinash flirts with Monal and makes a joyful atmosphere in the house.  Divi and Sohel heap praises on Amma Rajasekhar’s dance moves and Sohel calls him great to be dancing so energetically even at this age. Amma Rajasekhar asks Sohel to not talk about his age near girls.

Avinash and Ariyana get a captaincy task, where they have to carry people on a trolley and leave at their respective stations.  Whichever candidate has more people at their station wins the task.  As both candidates have equal persons at the station, they can now convince the houseguests and bring them into their team.  However, in the end, Avinash wins the task and becomes the captain for this week.

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Bigg Boss gives another task, where houseguests have to complete the jigsaw puzzle of Samantha and Naga Chaitanya’s picture from Skandhanshi projects.  Bigg Boss calls Ariyana, who is ration manager of this week, into the storeroom and orders her to choose between ration and Abhijeet’s clothes.  Ariyana picks ration instead of Abhijeet’s clothes.


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