Bigg Boss Telugu 4, Day 45 Highlights: Akhil And Mehboob Shout At Each Other

Bigg Boss Telugu 4, Day 45 Highlights: Akhil And Mehboob Shout At Each Other

The humans versus devils task is still ongoing and the devils continue to taunt and harass the humans.  Bigg Boss announces the next task where humans have to stay inside a circle in the garden area.  Devils have to throw sacks from outside the circle to inside the circle where humans are cooped.  Humans have to see the devils do not throw the sacks inside.  Humans throw a couple of sacks inside the swimming pool reasoning it is outside the circle.  Humans lose the task as they do not follow the instructions correctly.

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Humans have to fill a drum full of water using clay pots by using the water from the swimming pool.  Mehboob overturns one drum and Akhil gets quite angry at him saying Mehboob hurt his arm.  This task becomes highly physical as devils try to break the clay pots and overturn the drums.  Akhil and Mehboob keep running into disagreements and arguments.  The humans team win this task as they successfully fill both the drums with water.  Avinash is converted into a good human by the humans team.  Mehboob and Ariyana are also converted into good humans and humans end up winning the task.  Humans have to choose two best performers and two worst performers.  Avinash and Ariyana are nominated for good performance by Noel and the contestants are not able to choose a worst performer. 


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