Bigg Boss Telugu 4, Day 44 Highlights: Houseguests Perform Humans Vs Devils Task And Harika Disagrees With Task

Day 44 in the BB house begins with a new task for the houseguests, which is Good Humans vs Mischievous Devils.  Avinash, Ariyana, Akhil, Harika and Mehaboob are the Demons in the task.  The rest of the housemates are Humans.  The Demons did their best to disturb the Good Humans but it did not work.

Later, Bigg Boss gave two tasks to the Humans and if they do it successfully, they can turn any Demon into a Good human.  Team humans had to knit 50 garlands with flowers in the pool while Devils continued to disturb them.  Harika and Ariyana from Team Devils got into an argument about letting the humans win.

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Humans now had to make 100 diyas with clay.  While Abhijeet, Divi and Noel tried performing the task successfully, Mehboob, Sohel and Harika try to sabotage the diya to make the task unsuccessful for the humans.  As humans successfully performed two tasks, resulting in Harika and Akhil joining their team.  Harika broke into tears adding that she doesn’t want to cooperate with Team Humans even if she is forced into a human.


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