Bigg Boss Telugu 4, Day 43 Highlights: Ariyana And Mehboob End Up In A Stalemate

Bigg Boss Telugu 4, Day 43 Highlights: Ariyana And Mehboob End Up In A Stalemate

The sixth weekend eliminator saw Kumar Sai being eliminated from the Bigg Boss House.  The Sunday eliminator episode was full of tense moments as Kumar Sai and Monal were asked to come to the confession room where one of them would be eliminated.  This made Akhil quite anxious because there was a chance Monal might leave.  But once Monal came back into the house Akhil breathed a sigh of relief while Kumar Sai dropped a Bigg Bomb on Amma Rajasekhar to clean the bathrooms for this week.

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The seventh week kicks off with the customary morning dance where Monal and Akhil hug it out with each other.  Noel tells Monal she has been avoiding him and asks if she is ready to talk to him to which she replies in the affirmative.  Nominations for this week will begin as Bigg Boss announces.  Noel is automatically in this week’s elimination because of the Ami Tumi task and Rajasekhar has immunity for shaving his head.  Contestants are divided into pairs where they have to decide amongst themselves about who is being saved and who is being nominated.  Monal is the contestant to be nominated by Akhil.  Sohel nominates Avinash, Harika nominates Abhijeet,  Lasya nominates Divi and finally Ariyana nominates herself.  Noel, Monal, Avinash, Divi and Ariyana are the nominees for this week’s elimination.  Ariyana tells Akhil and Sohel that she expects them to help her out if ever she needs it for this week.  The nominated contestants talk about why the current nomination procedure is flawed.


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