Bigg Boss Telugu 4, Day 40 Highlights: Girls Have Gala Night Party With Boys Performing For Them

Day 40 in the BB house begins with houseguests dancing in the morning.  Captain Sohel hides behind the bed and sleeps, so the dog starts barking.

Bigg Boss gives a new task to where all the houseguests are supposed to wear TVS Apachi outfits and do pushups to get selected and finish 7 rounds.  Sohel, Mehboob, Akhil, Avinash Kumar Sai and Noel Sean are the top 5 contestants for the task.  Noel Sean and Kumar Sai argue with each other, where Noel accuses him of lying always. However, Mehboob wins the Apachi Racer of the house.

Akhil is upset with Mehboob and Sohel as they questioned him if he really did 101 pushups.  Akhil is hurt that how can Mehboob can underestimate his stamina.  Later, Mehboob also apologized to Akhil.  But, it seems like he is still hurt.

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Bigg Boss allows girls to do a night out party, where boys have to perform and entertain the girls at the party.  Abhijeet enters the party and compliments the girls. Amma Rajshekar danced for the girls.  Sohel did a catwalk like a girl and shared his opinions on the girls in the house in a funny way.  Akhil acted as a newly married typical Indian wife. At the end of the task, all the housemates danced to the ‘Swing Zara’ song.  It seems like the housemates had a blast in today’s episode


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